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He could do it anywhere in the world. Put him on the EPT, and Toby Lewis could end a day with a chip lead. Jet him off to Vegas, and he’d do it there, too. It’s sort of what he does. You’d think, what with all the time he’s spent in the top spot, he might just give somebody else a shot here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

But no.

Toby Lewis has gone and done it again. After skyrocketing to more than six times his starting stack, Lewis finished the night on form with 188,000.

We’re not going to call it greedy, but we’re not going to call it anything else, either.

Toby Lewis_chiplead_pca.jpg

Meanwhile, as Lewis played the role of Monopoly’s Mr. Moneybags (Google it and imagine him in a top hat), the rest of the 200-strong Day 1A field struggled to keep up with him.

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Among the other top stacks sat Boyuan Qu (149,800), Andrey Zaichenko (119,500), Ryan Blank (114,400), Mike Watson (106,700), Taylor Paur (100,000), Olivier Busquet (90,600), and Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker who bagged 75,900.

8G2A7460_PCA2016_Chris_Moneymaker_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Chris Moneymaker on Day 1A of the PCA Main Event
We’ll post a full Day 1A chip count on this page as soon as it is made available by the tournament staff. If you’d like a look back at how Day 1A played out, visit our 2016 PCA Day 1A live updates section.

While we can celebrate those with chips, we can’t let the night pass without thinking about those who have them no more. Brazilian football legend Ronaldo showed up here today looking to repeat his 2015 deep run, but didn’t manage to last half the day. Team Pro Celina Lin and Team Online’s Randy Lew suffered the same fate. Good thing for them all, there is another week of tournaments left.

Randy nanonoko Lew_2016 PCA_Main Event_Day 1_Giron_8JG7843.jpg

Randy Lew
NEIL6810_PCA2016_Ronaldo_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Not this year for Ronaldo
We’ll be back tomorrow for the second Day 1 flight of the Main Event. If history is any guide, it will be monstrous.

If you need more poker action tonight, check out the Super High Roller as it crowns its champion and the LAPT Bahamas event as it looks to reach a final table.

After that, join us a noontime for another day of live updates from Paradise Island.

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