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Don’t miss the announcement about a brand new live-online heads up event at the end of this post

You can see it in the eyes of the people in poker room right now. After, in some cases, playing against the same players all day on Day 1, now the players are looking at new faces. It’s a day of adjustments.

Now, as I’m a big fan of Joe Hachem as a player and a person, I might be a bit biased, but I don’t know if there is anyone in the room more qualified to make adjustments than the 2005 WSOP champ. Why? While I’m still keeping an eye on his ability to make this Day 2 poker adjustment, I know for sure that Joe is an expert adjuster. I saw it in action this morning. The former chiropractor stepped into the PokerStars office where Sharon Goldman had been complaining of neck pain. He stepped behind her chair. A few minutes later, the room resounded with a loud pop. Sharon’s face fell into contentment and Hachem had made his first adjustment of the day.

Hachem in mid-adjustment

Minutes later, the Day 2 of the PCA began. Players chipped up, players fell. In the early levels, Terrence Chan, Chris Fargis and Nick Schulman were some of the notable early exits. Still, the room was full.

The poker room on Day 2

Bernard Lee, sitting across from Hoyt Corkins

BigSlick789 sitting on a big stack

Carl Olson and Barry Greenstein


Joe Hachem in the line of TV camera fire

Tom McEvoy

Nenad Medic

Patrik Antonius

Seconds after this picture was taken, Atonius came in for a raise. At the end of the table, an unknown player put in a minimum re-raise. Atonius, who started the day with more than 70,000 in chips, thought for a few minutes before setting the other player in. With the action on the re-raiser, it seemed he went in the tank. Five minutes passed before Joe Hachem asked if the guy knew it was on him. The re-raiser looked startled and apologized, unintentionally slow-rolling pocket aces. An ace on the flop crushed Atonius’ pocket queens. The table is exceptionally big, with BigSlick789, Empire2000, Jay “WhoJedi” Newnum, and Joe Hachem all in attendence.

Rumit Somaiya

Terrence Chan

Tiffany Williamson

Mark “VikingVII” Guttormsen

Battleship World Poker Championship

I’ve been waiting until it was official to announce this. Now that everything is in place, I’m excited to reveal the first-ever World Championship of Battleship Poker. Tomorrow at 11am, players will square off in a live heads-up, single elimination $1000 tournament. The thing is, while the players will be sitting face to face in a live card room, they will be playing on their laptops with PokerStars’ software.

If you’re still trying to figure out the battleship thing, think about the old sea-war game that sat two players face to face. Now, exchange the old game boards with laptops. Get it?

Registration for the event will begin at 5pm today in the card room. Players must provide their own laptop and sign a waiver.

Since the event will be played on PokerStars, anyone around the world will be able to watch the event as it unfolds (stay tuned for details on how to find the event in the tournament lobby). What’s more, the final four will be projected onto the big screen in the poker room in a live championship on the last night of the PCA.

Now, back to the live action.

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