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Pre-game coverage round-up
Day 1, Flight 1 begins, with audio clips and photos

In these early stages of a tournament, the movement of chips is so fast, it’s impossible to keep accurate track of who is ahead and who is behind. In fact, it’s hard to keep track of who is sitting at which table. With that in mind, I like to wander the room and find a few poker faces, familiar or otherwise, that you might like to see. Below, is the first Insta Photo Gallery of the week.

Grinding on in the third level

Isabelle Mercier and CardPlayer forum moderator Jay “whojedi” Newnum

Keith “The Camel” Hawkins

Curzdog and Ben “-BBJ-” Sprengers

Christian Gundtvig

I think my notes have garbled a message from the floor. Nonetheless, Glenn and Bobo send a message back to Foxwoods and it involves saying hi to either the Golden Child or the Golden Boy. Either way…consider the message delivered.

Barry Greenstein

Maximus007 (in the NY jersey)

“I just hit back to back quads!”

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