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PCA Winners List
End of Day 2 Chip Counts
Payout structure

Many thanks to the PokerStars staff, especially Steve Wood, for helping with the action today.

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2:55pm–40 players remain. One of the most recent bustouts, was Jason Strasser who, without about $70K in chips jammed with KQ after facing a raise. His opponent thought for a bit before calling with 55.

3:22pm–Down to 36. Brian Mogelefsky now has well more than 300,000 in chips. We’ll soon be at three tables, a point at which some hand coverage should be much more manageable.

3:30pm–Joe Marcal, a $33-rebuy PokerStars qualifier playing in his first major event has just won an almost uncountable pot. On a flop of K63 rainbow, Marcal check-raised Christian Grundtvig to 60,000. Grundtvig responded by moving in the rest of his formidable stack. Marcal fell into the tank, thinking for nearly five minutes before stacking, unstacking, the re-stacking his chips. He put his card protector on top of his cards and appeared as if he was going to fold. Instead, he said, “I have to call.” He turned over KJ. Grundtvig, looking disgusted, turned over a pair of eights. An ace and queen on the turn and river didn’t help Grundtvig. He’s still alive, but now sitting on a fairly short stack.

3:47pm–Kenny Weinstein has just doubled up off Joe Marcal. Weinstein, working from a shorter stack came in for a raise. Marcal put him all in and Weinstein happily called with KK. Marcal showed AJ. The flop gave Marcal a jack but didn’t further improve his hand. Marcal, having just doubled up off Christian Grundtvig, is still doing okay.

3:53pm–Isaac Baron just busted out. He got his chips on a K57/6/ board. The flop had two spades giving Baron the nut flush draw. Michael Higgins held a pair of jacks and put Baron out of the contest.

3:56pm–Jorge Teixeira, in a hand that escaped every reporter in the house, has been eliminated. As we were reporting that information, Dan Lauzon was elimiated as well.

4:10pm–On the last hand before he break, Brian Mogelefsky, who just an hour ago had more than 300,000 in chips, laid down what must have been top pair top kicker. We joined the action on the flop, Q73 rainbow. Mogelfsky had bet around 70,000 into an already large pot. His opponnent, Stave Paul-Ambrose, put in 200,000, enough to put Mogelefsky all-in. Last night, Ambrose had made a super call at the end of play to rise to the chip lead. Today, he’s playing just as well. Mogelefsky took a large chunk of the break to consider his move. Finally, with stress-watered eyes, he folded. Paul-Ambrose, perhaps feeling some sympathy, or perhaps looking for later respect, showed his pocket kings.

4:14pm— Andrew Schwager, under the gun, went all in with 99 and got a call from a big stak who held AK. The board came out A274J. Andrew Schwager was elimiated in 32nd place.

4:20pm–Kenny Weinstein has been eliminated. After getting doubled up earlier by Joe Marcal, he decided to move in with AQ. Marcal called with TT. The tens held up and Weinstein was eliminated in 31st place.

4:28pm–Lee Gooldman just doubled up with a set of tens.

4:30pmChip counts of remaining players, courtesy of a very helpful BJ Nemeth. Blinds are currently at 3000/6000/1000

Steve Paul-Ambrose $686,000
Izzy Subotic $555,000
Anders Henriksson $400,000
Omar Abede $395,000
David Singer $380,000
Ziv Bachar $335,000
Michael Fletcher $287,000
Brian Dawydiuk $286,000
Michael Higgins $272,000
AVERAGE $226,250
Lee Goldman $226,000
Steven Suh $225,000
Roman Yitzhaki $221,000
Jaavel McCrae $215,000
Will Barr $211,000
Aurangzeb (Ozzy 87) Sheikh $209,000
Joe Marcal $207,000
Roger Kaska $177,000
Brian Mogelefsky $170,000
Joe Zappia $167,000
Matt Matros $149,000
Daniel Samson $146,000
Gunther Hornung $136,000
Michael Banducci $131,000
James Siwik $125,000
Brook Lyter $122,000
Matt Smith $110,000
Christian Grundtvig $107,000
Allen Goldstein $96,000
Mike McStott $89,000
Brian Green $84,000

4:41pm–Brook Lyter of Fargo, ND, has just doubled up. Working on a stack of just more than 100,000. He found aces at the perfect time…right when chip leader Steve Paul-Ambrose held queens. All-in pre-flop, the aces held up.

4:52pm–Brian Mogelefsky, who has been running bad today, finally found some good fortune. He got pocket fours in against Steve Paul-Ambrose’s AQ. The pair held up and Mogelefsky stayed alive.

5:00pm–A couple of interesting notes. David Singer just made quad fives on the river in a very big hand. His stack is looking very dangerous right now. In another note, Daniel Samson sits in the final 27 as, in his words, “the last surviving Brit.”

5:10pm–We’ve had a few quick bustouts, the latest being Day 1 Flight A chip leader Brian Mogelefsky. After running bad all day, he came in for a raise that equalled about a third of his stack. The small blind jammed with with AK. Brian called with AQ and didn’t improve. A few seconds later Roman Yitzhah got in short-stacked with K2 versus Ax and didn’t improve. He’s out in 26th. Check the money board for the most recent winner’s list.

5:27pm–Matt Matros has been eliminated, after flopping top two pair with AK versus Aurangzeb Sheikh who flopped bottom set with a pair of sevens.

5:35pm–Daniel Samson, the last remaining player from Great Britain, has just been eliminated after getting his AK-suited all in against Brian Dawyduik’s JJ.

5:45pm–Omar Abede has been eliminated in 20th place. He got a pair of fives all in versus Joe Marcal’s 88 and didn’t improve.

5:56pm–Players are on a 90-minute break. They will return at 7:25pm.

6:25pm–Here are the dinner break chip counts with thanks to BJ Nemeth.

Steven Paul-Ambrose $761,000 (PokerStars $650 satellite qualifier)
David Singer $740,000
Aurangzeb Sheikh $637,000
Michael Fletcher $537,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Anders Henriksson $509,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Brian Dawydiuk $447,000 (PokerStars Top 150 Tournament Leader Board)
James Siwik $402,000
AVERAGE $381,052
Michael Higgins $343,000
Izzy Subotic $320,000
Joe Marcal $318,000 (PokerStars $33 rebuy qualifier)
Brook Lyter $315,000 (PokerStars $44 rebuy qualifier)
Ziv Bachar $310,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Christian Grundtvig $292,000
Brian Green $286,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Gunther Hornung $262,000 (PokerStars FPP qualifier)
Will Barr $232,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)
Lee Goldman $198,000 (PokerStars $650 satellite qualifier)
Jaavel McCrae $178,000
Steven Suh $150,000 (PokerStars double shootout qualifier)

7:32pm–Just back from the break, Michael Higgins, all-in pre-flop with AQ doubled up after catching an ace on the river with AQ versus Sheikh’s TT. The hand pretty much cut Sheikh’s stack in half and moved Higgins toward the chip lead.

7:41pm–David Singer has just become the first player at the 2006 PCA to cross the million-chip mark. His success could’ve spelled Michael Fletcher’s demise. Singer turned the ace-high flush with with ATo. Fletcher, with KJ suited in clubs had the king-high flush and the straight flush draw on the turn but missed on the river. Fletcher has been reduced to less than $200,000 in chips.

7:50pm–Lee “Enon” Goldman, after a tremendous run at the PCA, ran queens into aces and has been eliminated in 19th place. We’re now down to tow tables and 4000/8000/1000 blinds.

7:56pm–Michael Fletcher just suffered a tough beat has been eliminated in 18th place. All-in pre-flop with pocket kings, Fletcher got a call from Ziv Bachar who held AK. The poker fates were mean and waited until the river to throw out the ace.

8:12pm–It was a battle of the blinds that was as bloody as they come. Folded around to David Singer in the small blind, he came in for a raise. Brian Dawydiuk, in the big blind, peek at his hand. From over his shoulder, I saw the ace and felt the move coming. “All-in” he announced. David Singer confirmed that Dawydiuk had, indeed, moved all-in. As soon as it was official, Singer called in a shot and flipped kings. Dawyiuk showed his AQo and never improved. He’s out in 17th place.

8:28pm–Brook Lyter, after running through a roller coaster of a day, just doubled through Christian Grundtvig. Grundtvig, holding TT, put Lyter all-in. After some thought, Lyter said, “Okay, call.” He turned over AK and found an ace on flop and king on he river for the win. Seconds later, Michael Higgins doubled up Steven Suh. Higgins queens were no good against Suh’s aces.

8:47pm–Steven Suh has been crippled by Brook Lyder. Suh came in for a raise to 25,000. Lyter called in the big blind. The flop came out 536 with two spades. Lyter check-called a 42,000 bet on the flop, then check-raised a 42,000 bet on the turn, a four. Suh announced he was all-in and Lyder insta-called, showing his flopped set of threes. Suh held A6. The river was an unimportant jack. The hand left Suh with just a few thousand and he was subsequently eliminated by Grundtvig, KT vs. K3.

8:48pm–Joe Marcal is out after putting A6 vs. Steve Paul-Ambrose’s AQ, all in on a neutral flop.

9:01pm–Players are on a 15 minute break. Blinds will be going up to 6,000/12,000/2000 in the next level.

9:12pm–So, oddly enough, everybody stood up for the break and so did we. When we came back from our various bathroom breaks, two players were gone. It’s like the Twilight Zone in here. Apparently, on the last hand before the break, Jaavel McCrae got QQ in against AQ an his opponent spiked an ace on the turn. As for Izzy Subotic, who finished in 13th place, we’re still working on how that happened. (Update: Izzy got in with Q7 on a 7A5 flop and his opponent showed ace ten, eventually making an unnecessary full house aces full of tens).

9:24pm–Sheikh justed doubled through Brian Green. On a board that read x2AAx, Sheikh pushed all-in on the river and got a reluctant call from Green. Sheikh showed A2 for aces full. Green mucked in disgust.

9:30pm–Chip counts:

David Singer $1,384,000
Steven Paul-Ambrose $967,000
Brook Lyter $811,000
Michael Higgins $802,000
Anders Henriksson $621,000
AVERAGE $603,333
Ziv Bachar $564,000
James Siwik $538,000
Aurangzeb Sheikh $480,000
Christian Grundtvig $383,000
Will Barr $376,000
Gunther Hornung $236,000
Brian Green $150,000

9:39pm–Gunther Hornung just doubled through Michael Higgins. Higgins raised pre-flop and Hornung re-raised, leaving himself basically pot-comitted. Higgins called and they saw a flop of 37A with two spades. Higgins immediatey announced all-in and Hornung called. Higgins showed KJ suited in spades for the nut flush draw. Hornung had AQo. Higgins didn’t improve and Hornung doubled up to around $680,000.

9:48pm–We on press row are collectively confused. In what amounted to a $900,000 pot, Henrikkon raised from the cutoff and Bachar called from the button. On a flop of 752, Henriksson check-raised Zui Bachar, who moved all-in. Henriksson fell into the tank. Sharla from Poker Pages timed it at 11 full minutes. Finally, Bachar called the clock. Forty-five seconds later, Henrikkson called for another $300,000. Bachar didn’t want to show his hand. “Good call,” he said. When forced to show his cards, he reluctantly flipped over JJ. We around the table expected to see Henriksson turn over queens…or even top pair (maybe A7). Instead, he turned over…A6. The air was sucked out of the room. Eyes bulged out. The turn and river didn nothing to help Henrikkson. The room is still asking…A6? Henriksson now has about $150,000 in chips. Bachar has more than a million.

10:04pm–Now, back to some poker normalcy. In a pre-flop battle that invovled a raise, a re-raise, a re-re-raise, and a Singer all-in, Bachar folded pocket queens face up. Welcome back to the room, discipline.

10:12pm–Anders Henrikkson is trying to make his way back. He just flopped lucky after getting all in pre-flop with QdJd vs. Will Barr’s AdTs. The flop came out K82 all diamonds. Barr still had the nut draw but missed.

10:25pm–Christian Grundtvig just doubled through Brook Lyter with kings full of aces versus Lyter’s trip-aces (he held AQ) on a xAK-A-x board.

10:40pm–Gunther Hornung is on the ropes. Brian Green raised to 40, Lyter made it 100 to go and Hornung called from the small blind. Green folded and the remaining players saw a flop of A44. Hornung checked, Lyter bet 100, Hornung raised to 300, Lyter moved all in, and Hornung called. Lyter showed AK to Gunther’s AQ. The hand left Lyter with 1.2 million and Hornung with 77,000.

10:44pm–James Siwik was just eliminated. Siwik was in MP with JJ and raised to 40K. Both blinds called. The flop came K93 all spades. It was checked around to James who bet 60K. SB dropped, big blind pushed all in. BB showed the queen of spades. The river brought a spade to eliminate Siwik.

10:48pm–Okay. Lots of fast action. The players are on break. David Singer just conceded a huge pot to Anders Henrikkson. With one card still to come and getting huge odds to call (140,000 into a 1.2 million pot), Singer gave up his hand. It is the general concensus that Singer must have been running an elaborate bluff that went awry. We’re going to collect ourselves and be right back.

11:05pm…and we’re back of the final level of the evening. The blinds are at 8000/16000/2000. Eleven players remain.

11:15pm–Will Barr was just eliminated in 11th place. All-in pre-flop with Kd8d, he ran into David Singer who had pocket fives in the small blind. A five on the flop took Barr out of contention. He earned $65,400 for his efforts. We’re now consolidating to one table of ten.

11:38pm–Unless my tired eyes decieve me, we just saw our biggest hand of the tournament. Steve Paul-Ambrose raised from the button to 50K. David Singer raised and made it 150K more from the big blind. Paul-Ambrose called. The flop came out 8d6d5h. Singer bet out 240K and after some thought Paul-Ambrose called. Both players checked the turn and river. Paul-Ambrose turned over pocket tens and Singer mucked. That hand moved Paul-Ambrose into the chip lead. Word on the street is, the young Canadian is playing in his first live tournament EVER. Not a bad way to start things off, eh? Singer now has about 1.14 million in chips to Paul-Abrose’s 1.73 million.

11:47pm–Gunther Hornung, PokerStars FPP qualifier, has left the building. After calling Christian Grundtvig’s all in with AQ, he flopped top pair, top kicker. Unfortunately for Hornung, a nine fell on the river to give Grundtvig a set with his pair of pocket nines. Hornung earned $80,400.

11:54pm–Ziv Bachar has been eliminated after getting all in with A2s on a xA99 board. David Singer, after some serious thought (seriously), called the all-in with Q9. Bachae needed an ace on the river…which did not come. He earned $95,400.

12:12am–Christian Grundtvig has been eliminated. It was a battle of the blinds. We pick up the action on the turn when Grundtvig bet into a 8cTd5c/2c board and Singer raised enough to put Grundtvig all-in. Grundtvig, sensing he was beat, but knowing he had to call, put in the rest of his chips. He showed QT with one club, giving him any queen, any ten, or any club as outs. None of them came on the river and he finished in eighth place for $117,200.

12:33am–We just hit the final table. Brian Green was eliminated in seventh place. Steve Paul-Ambrose came in for a raise to 45, David Singer called, Brian Green just moved all in for 200 more, and THEN Michael Higgins moved all in for 400. Steve Paul-Ambrose and Singer folder. Green showed TT and Higgins showed AA. The board brought 78J, opening up a gutshot straight draw for Green. Then, as they say, nothing bad happened for Higgins. Green cashed for $144,500. Chip counts to come.

1:00am–Here are your chip counts and seat numbers for the final table.

Steve Paul-Ambrose $1,780,000
David Singer $2,535,000
Brook Lyter $875,000
Michael Higgins $794,000
Anders Henrikkson $1,033,000
Aurangzeb (Ozzy 87) Sheikh $231,000

The final table will be played Tuesday morning at 10am. We will be live with hand for hand action. Check back here later for some more biographical info on the players.

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