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What a day at the PCA. Day 3 of the maini event is getting to be quite a battle. And now that the World Championship of Battleship Poker is underway, it’s proving to be a great success. Pretty soon, we’re going to have to get down to the nitty-gritty, but for now we have a few minutes for a few pictures.

Looking up to a star

Isabelle Mercier, competing against Sdouble in the World Championship of Battleship Poker

Jennicide, still in the main event

Chris Moneymaker in the World Championship of Battleship Poker

Alex Brenes, playing against and eventually defeating Chris Moneymaker

Terrence Chan, victorious in the first round

Tha rail of the Battleship Event

Two Mizrachis on one table. Robert won. Michael lost.

Daniel Negreanu, before getting rivered in the Battleship event

Deuces never loses–a multi-way all-in in which deuces beat a higher pair an AJ

Brian Mogelefsky

Patrick Hocking, whose battleship was sunk

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