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If you don’t know what the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Mega Path satellites are by now, I’d suggest you aren’t trying hard enough to get to the Bahamas for free this winter. Getting something for nothing is hard work these days, and you’d do well to put some effort into it.

Alright. Chastened? Good. Now, let’s get to work on getting you down to the Atlantis Resort and Casino for free.

First up, you should know that the actual value of a PCA package is more than just the $10,000 buy-in. Winners also get a week at the Bahamas’ biggest resort, travel money, and cash for expenses. Most people would be elated to win that package for $1,000. You can do it for nothing more than a few FPPs. People have been doing it every other month for most of the year. This weekend marks you bi-monthly chance to make it happen.

How? Well, gaze upon Atlantis for a moment, and then look below the photo.


Atlantis, home to the PCA

If you go to your PokerStars software and click on EVENTS > PCA > and FPP SATELLITES, you will see a series of qualifiers with the name Mega-Path. There are eight preliminary rounds of qualifiers starting with Round 1 satellites for just a few Frequent Player Points. Work your way through those and you could be among the next people to go to the PCA for virtually nothing.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t reinforce a pretty simple concept. Winning a Mega Path wins you more than a trip. It wins you a chance to win life-changing money. Canadian Darren Keyes won $150,000 in 2010 after getting in through a Mega-Path. In 2011, Sami Aro from Finland invested 100 Frequent Player Points and cashed in the main event for for $23,500. Tomer Aminpour qualified for 40 FPPs and won $17,500. Dutch player Michel Leijenaar won his seat for 200 FPPs and pocketed $15,000 in extra main event cash.

The PCA Mega Path final for this month is Sunday at 19:00 ET. Get to work now on working your way up to the steps. Make it happen and you’ll see your name on this blog next week, and we’ll see you at the PCA in January.

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