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Just a couple of days ago, I was marveling at how the qualifiers for the 2012 PCA were piling up. Now, this coming Sunday at 19:00 ET, that number is going to rise again as the PCA Mega Path satellites host another monthly final. It’s looking like we’ll see at least six PCA packages awarded to FPP freerollers this weekend.

If you’re just catching on to the cheapest way to make it to the PCA, the PCA Mega Path system lets players climb up the ranks for just a few Frequent Player Points to compete for the poker trip of the year. Those who finish at the top of the pack get their $10,000 PCA main event buy-in, a hotel room at Atlantis, travel, money, and cash for expenses during the event.

“Atlantis?” you say.

Indeed. Atlantis, the Caribbean’s biggest resort, the only one, in fact, big enough to hold the PCA.



Though we’ve mentioned it before, this bears repeating: if you win a Mega Path satellite, you’re going to have a chance at more than just a great vacation. We’ve seen Mega Path winners cash for more than $100,000 after getting in for basically nothing. This stuff happens, people.

Head on over to the PokerStars software and click on EVENTS > PCA > and FPP SATELLITES. There you will fina a bunch of qualifiers labeled “Mega-Path.” There are eight preliminary rounds of qualifiers starting with Round 1 satellites for just a few Frequent Player Points. Hop in wherever you like and get to work.

Right now, more than 130 people have either qualified or otherwise signed up to play in this year’s PCA main event. While there, they have this sweet schedule to play. For a complete rundown on your qualifying options, visit the 2012 PCA qualifying page.

For full information on the event, visit the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure website.

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