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If you don’t know the phrase Mega Path, it’s one you should probably commit to memory right now. Go on. Do it. We’ll wait. Done? Good. Now, here’s why: we’re about to tell you how to get to the PCA for a lot less than the cost of a stuffed PokerStars monkey.

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Mega Path satellites came to be in advance of the 2010 PCA as a way to give PokerStars players a way to play a huge event like the PCA for a fraction of a fraction of the cost. In the months leading up to the last PCA, PokerStars hosted 4,300 multi-table tournaments that led to a final that awarded PCA seats. A dozen players made it all the way to the Bahamas for less than 200 Frequent Player Points.

Among those players is one of PokerStars more regular qualifiers, Darren ‘Woodylord’ Keyes. He made it to the PCA after starting in a 75-FPP Round 1 satellite. He worked his way to the top and finished..wait for it…in tenth place for $150,000. His ROI was in the 12 million percent range.


Said PokerStars tournament guru Bryan Slick, “Few things we do when setting up tournaments, especially satellites, are as thrilling as seeing players get the opportunity to live out a dream. Not only do tournaments like the PCA give players the chance to compete on an even playing field with the world’s best, the satellites to the events provide an opportunity for just about anyone to make their way here.”

Now, the PCA Mega Path satellites are back and the first final is just a few days away. Right now, you can get into the Mega Path for as little as 5 Frequent Player Points. If you make it through the path and to the August 29 final (6pm ET), you’ll be competing for at least ten full event packages that include your buy-in, nine nights accommodation, and expenses.

Tens of thousands of players have already tried their hand in the Mega Path events. Now it’s your turn.

To register, open the PokerStars lobby, click ‘Events’ & ‘PCA’. For more information, visit the PCA Mega Path satellites page.

We’re looking for a person who can beat a 12 million percent ROI. Is that you?

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