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It’s not like we throw a parade or anything when Lee Jones shows up. Well, actually, the island of Nassau did have a big Junkanoo parade, but we don’t think it was in honor of Lee. Nonetheless, Lee’s arrival nearly always indicates poker is about to happen. Since that’s the reason we’re all here, the arrival of Lee Jones on Paradise Island is worthy of some attention.

As you might have seen in the previous PCA coverage here on the blog, the past few days have been all about getting ready for the players. Today, those players are beginning to come in. They’ll have the afternoon in the sun, a big cocktail party tonight at 7pm, and then the poker room will open tonight at 8:30pm. That will signal the start of the $200 rebuy super satellite for the main event. What’s more, the cash games and SNGs should get rolling tonight as well.

I’ve already run into Jason Strasser, the Duke Blue Devil who’s been tearing up the online games for some times, as well as hanging out on the European Poker Tour Circuit. What you might not know is that Lee Jones is a Blue Devil as well.

Two Blue Devils in the land of blue water

Although Lee is as busy as a chip runner in a $1 rebuy tourament, he did take a moment to give us his thoughts on what he’s seen so far. Here’s a preview of what I hope to make a semi-regular audio blog soundbite segment here on the PokerStars Blog.

Lee Jones mp3

While Lee is often a harbinger of good things to come, there are other folks in the house that bring with them poker tidings. Mike Ward, Meg Patrick, and Eldon Brown are here to run the poker room 18 hours a day. Dozens of dealers have already arrived and are prepared to deal just about any game.

Meg Patrick and her ubiquitous smile

Dealers, ready for their players

The planes are starting to land at the Nassau airport and the registration line is now starting to get a little longer.

As I type, Lee Jones is talking fast and typing faster. The event is looking to be a big one. While the official numbers won’t be in for a day or so, we’re looking at a prize pool to crest $5 million.

That, folks, is none too shabby.

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