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The last time we gave away a Platinum Pass was early 2020. Since then, the PokerStars Player’s Championship (PSPC) has been on hold indefinitely.

There’s still no date announced, but in the first step of many to restoring this great event PokerStars have given the go-ahead for a special PSPC-related giveaway.

The inaugural Cardplayer Lifestyle Mixed Game Festival is running this week in Las Vegas, and the winner of the main event will be awarded a full Platinum Pass package.

Mixed Game Festival first of its kind

Mixed games don’t get enough attention. They don’t get enough coverage. They don’t get enough opportunity to shine.

The inaugural Cardplayer Lifestyle Mixed Game Festival is here to change all that.

Running from Oct 4 – 7 at Westgate Casino, the festival will feature 24/7 Dealer’s Choice cash games, book signings, guest appearances, and a $200 HORSE main event tournament.

“This is a completely natural outgrowth of what I’ve done over the years as far as promoting and playing mixed games”, says organizer Robbie Strazynski, founder of Cardplayer Lifestyle. “I truly hope it will be the first of many future mixed game festivals to come.”

We hope so too, which is why PokerStars decided to add a pretty neat kicker to the party…

Platinum Pass giveaway doubles prize pool

As one of the sponsors of the Mixed Game Festival, we’re excited to say that PokerStars have thrown a Platinum Pass into the pot – worth $30,000.

The Platinum Pass will be awarded to the first place finisher in the $200 HORSE event, starting October 7 at 12pm.

Along with prize money from the tournament, the winner will earn a package that includes entry to the $25k PSPC, five star accommodation, travel expenses and merchandise.

The expected prize pool of the $200 HORSE tournament is around $25-30k, based on 144 entries and possible alternates for the first two hours. This means the Platinum Pass will double the EV of the tournament!

It’s exceptional value for the players, and a welcome sign of the return of the PSPC…

(Dates for PSPC to be confirmed)

More about the Cardplayer Mixed Game Festival

Along with low stakes Dealer’s Choice cash games, which will be running 24/7 during the Mixed Game Festival, players can look forward to special events and free merchandise giveaways.

Special “kickoff” events will be running at 11am on each of the first three days, followed by the $200 HORSE event at 12pm on the final day:

Monday Oct 4: Book signing with Dylan Linde, author of Mastering Mixed Games. Copies available at discounted price of $20, with all proceeds donated to charity.

Tuesday Oct 5: WSOP and WPT winner Eli Elezra will be signing copies of his autobiography Pulling the Trigger for discounted price of $10, with all proceeds donated to charity.

Wednesday Oct 6: Question and answer session with Poker Hall of Famer Linda Johnson and Women in Poker Hall of Famer Jan Fisher, including tips and strategy for mixed game poker.

Thursday Oct 7: $200 HORSE tournament, the ultimate mixed game competition, with a Platinum Pass awarded to first place.

In a unique twist, players who take part in cash games throughout the festival will earn bonus chips – 2,000 for every five hours played up to a total of 10,000 additional chips – potentially doubling the starting stack. Your best way to win the Platinum Pass is to take to the cash game tables in preparation.

You can find more details of the Cardplayer Lifestyle Festival here, included discounted prices for participant accommodation at Westgate Casino.

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