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On this week’s Poker In The Ears, Hartigan and Stapes are joined by Senior Feature writer at the New York Post Michael Kaplan to explore the real story behind the Hollywood hit movie Molly’s Game.

First, it’s a much deserved shout out to Dr Sam Williams (4:16), before James asks Joe a very important question. “Are you still watching stuff?”

Then it’s on to poker news (At 10:44), with updates on the Turbo Series, the upcoming Sunday Storm Anniversary, SCOOP, and “Sad Sushi Guy” winning the BSOP Main Event.

Poker has been in the mainstream news again. Michael Kaplan’s recent article in the New York Post paints Houston Curtis and Tobey Maguire as the real masterminds behind the Molly’s Game, not Molly Bloom. The boys bring Kaplan to the show to shed some light (15:46).

Kaplan also has great stories to share about his time spent with Phil Ivey and his interview with the late Stu Ungar. Kaplan has been on some crazy adventures as a writer, like the time Marie Claire Magazine sent him to Bangkok as a spy on a sex tour. It’s an interesting chat, for sure.

Joe and James finish with a recap of the EPT Retro (43:11). With coverage reaching the end of season three, the boys recap the most memorable moment so far; a fateful Main Event heads-up hand between Elkie and Magnus Peterson.

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