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Alexis “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos played poker professionally from 2009 to 2012, then pivoted to a career as a macro hedge fund manager in London. After leaving the position at the end of last year, Zervos had the opportunity to play more poker and, though he has no ambitions to play full time again, the move has paid off – Zervos is a SCOOP champion.

The 35-year old Greek player describes how Event #72-M went for him. “I just ran super good really. I busted the last 4-5 players and had it every time for the most part. The Finnish guy on my left was super tough and aggressive kept on barrelling and even got me to fold a pair heads up, so definitely not an easy final table, but if the river is good not much to fear in poker!”

That tough Finnish player was Eelis “EEE27” Parssinen, winner of the EPT Online Super High Roller. Tops pros like Chris Moorman and Pedro Padhila were also present on the final table. But none could do enough to stop Zervos, who took down the tourney for a huge score of $196,627.

“My friend who had a small piece of the action kept saying he had a good feeling about it and everything he touches lately turned to gold, so I started to believe alongside him as I kept on winning big pot after big pot. Winning flips and holding on a final table always feels reassuring too and it all worked like charm this time around”, says Zervos.

Alexis Zervos has been playing poker for a long time, first in home games and then online at PokerStars since 2008. “I’ve been playing SCOOP since back then, so it feels great to win after 13 years of trying! I did win a WCOOP back in 2010 though, so it’s good to see I can still be competitive 10 years later.”

Zervos points out that the games have gotten tougher during this time. “Everyone is very good these days, so it’s better to try and “let the game come to you” rather than force the issue too much, which can easily backfire if everyone at the table is solid. Of course, I stay in attack mode when the stars align…”

The SCOOP win is the biggest score of his illustrious career, but for Zervos not much will change. “I guess I’ll just try to stick to the same mindset of keeping calm, staying patient, and thinking carefully through the decisions without thinking I already have all the answers.”

Sounds like a solid mindset indeed.

“It’s easy to get burned out,” says Zervos, “so I want to keep the joy of the game alive by playing when I feel like playing rather than every day. I don’t often have a specific set of goals, I just want to live a balanced and happy life.”

Congratulations to Alexis “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos for his win in the SCOOP #72-M.

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