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scoop2009_thn.gifIf you’re like me (and chances are you’re not, because Mama always said I was special and could someday be President), you have longingly looked at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and thought, “I wish I could afford to play every event!”

And who wouldn’t, really? The PokerStars tournament team puts together the best schedules in online poker festivals. Being able to play a virtual World Series from the comfort of your footie pajamas is a luxury few people have. Well, now you have the chance to do that and you won’t have to have thousands of dollars in your account to make it happen.

PokerStars has just announced the All-Stakes Spring Championship of Online Poker, also known as SCOOP.

Now, of course, PokerStars could’ve just put together a tournament series with a bunch of lower buy-ins and called it WCOOP Junior or the Mini-COOPer or something. But, then, what fun would that be for the people who have have big ol’ bankrolls? Well, no fun, or at least not much.

That’s where the All-Stakes SCOOP comes in. Between April 2 and April 12, PokerStars will host 22 different SCOOP events and each one of those events will have three different tournaments with buy-ins for every bankroll. How varied are the buy-ins? Well the lowest is $5.50 and the highest is $25,500.

PokerStars is guaranteeing $30,000,000 in prize money for the 22-event series. The schedule is packed with tons of different games. Sure, you’ll have your fill of hold’em, but PokerStars is once again trotting out its full compliment of flop and draw games.

For a full schedule of events, see the PokerStars SCOOP page. Keep your eyes on the SCOOP tab under EVENTS in the PokerStars lobby for satellites. They should be out sooner than later.

After you look at that, try to tell me you have seen something cooler today. If you saw a monkey throw a football 100 yards, you win. Otherwise, SCOOP takes the day.

Now, if April could just get here a little faster…

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