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During the EPT London event, the Americans among us were talking to the Brits among us about drive-times across their respective countries. For instance, one American’s parents live 13-hours away from him by car.

“It doesn’t take that long to drive across our entire country!” said one Brit.

That’s a long way of describing how cozy the United Kingdom can be. It’s also a way of introducing PokerStars’ newest cozy poker tour.

This morning, PokerStars announced Season 1 of the UK & Ireland Poker Tour, henceforth known as the UKIPT.

Starting next month, the UKIPT will be running events all around both countries, with stops in Galway, Nottingham, London and several other great locales over eleven months of play.


The UKIPT has already announced some pretty nice guarantees for some pretty affordable buy-ins. Manchester, Coventry and Nottingham all have a guaranteed prize pool of £100,000 for the £500 buy-ins. Irish events with a €1,000 + €100 buy-in (Killarney and Dublin) will have a €250,000 guarantee. Every event’s winner will also get a buy-in to the London Grand Final.

Satellites for the UKIPT Galway event are running now. Learn all you need to know over at the PokerStars UKIPT homepage.

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