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It’s the freeroll the bloggers of the world have been waiting for. It’s the freeroll the dedicated bloggers deserve. It’s PokerStars first-ever Blogger Championship.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s almost too late. In short, PokerStars recognized a long time ago how important blogs are to the online world. That’s why they let me set up this fulltime blog just to cover all things PokerStars.

Now, the rest of the world’s bloggers have a chance to hit it big for free. How big? First prize is a free package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure WPT Event in the Bahamas. In total, this is a $25,000 freeroll. Click here to see all the details, prizes, and sign up.

One of my cohorts at PokerStars has been keeping the bloggers up to date over at the Blogger Championship Blog. While this blog has been reserved for keeping up with other PokerStars events, this week is dedicated to my fellow bloggers around the world.

There are some crazy-good prizes to be had, and if you’re a blogger in search of traffic, the top nine bloggers in the contest will be linked in the right bar for a while.

This has been a popular idea in the blogosphere and some of the top poker blogs have been sending the legions of bloggers to the tournament. The Blogger Championship blog has also been keepinig up with the referrals (even running a contest for the top referrers). As of last count, these were the top ten referrerals (they also happen to be some of the best poker blogs out there).

1. Tao of Poker
2. Up For Poker
3. Wil Wheaton(currently in tech support hell and in exile)
4. 50 Outs
5. Bill’s Blog
6. Matt Matros
7. Al Can’t Hang
8. DoubleAs
9. The Poker Chronicles
10. The Sound of a Suckout

Please keep in mind, I have a hand in all this, but I’m not the one to run to for questions. If you have any queries at all, e-mail this guy and he’ll hook you up.

I’ll see all the bloggers on Sunday, where I plan to play the role of Lee Jones at the final table.

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