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Day 1 of the $25K High Roller ended with 77 players, and yet right now, the tournament screen says 82 remain.

That’s because registration was open right up until the start of play today, and you know what these high rollers are like. Even though ten 60-minute levels already went by yesterday, and their $25,000 entrance fee only buys them 25 big blinds at the current 1,000/2,000 blind level, eight players either entered for the first time or exercised their re-entry option by noon today.

So who are they? Or should I say, who were they?

Kelvin Anderson-PCB2017-Monti-5381.jpg

Hello and goodbye, Mr Anderson

Calvin Anderson was one. He’s a player you’d expect to have seen in this field from the get go, but must have been kept away by either a deep run in another tournament, a juicy cash game, or by the sand and the surf (well, this is the Bahamas).

He got off to a good start in this first level, having just taken down a pot against Andjelko Andrejevic. On an A29A board, Andrejevic checked to Anderson and he made it 6,600. Andrejevic then three-bet it to 13,200 (a min-raise), only Anderson to then four-bet it to 20,000 (just about another min-raise). Andrejevic let it go and Anderson increased his 50,000 starting stack to 73,000.

However, not long after that hand, Anderson was gone busting to Luc Greenwood.

Kelvin Anderson-PCB2017-Monti-5386.jpg

See ya later, Cal

Last year’s champion Nick Maimone also ponied up the buy-in this morning. That wouldn’t have been too hard for the man known online as ‘fu_15’; he ran deep in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event yesterday, coming into Day 4 as the chip leader but eventually busting in 19th for $24,640.

He won $996,480 for his win in the 2016 $25K here at Atlantis, so finding the extra few hundred bucks clearly wasn’t a problem. But staying in the tournament was. Maimone busted at the end of the first level.

Nick Maimone-PCB2017-Monti-5385.jpg

Maimone busts, then watches Anderson bust too

Meanwhile, fellow new first-time entrants include Bill Perkins (who was busy yesterday playing the Twitch & Go), Jason Wheeler, Ami Barer, and Steve Mez, while Pratyush Buddiga and Dr. Andy Philachack re-entered this morning. All of them are still in the running except for Wheeler, who busted to start of day chip leader Nick Petrangelo.

Bill Perkins-PCB2017-Monti-5369.jpg

Perkins at work

Petrangelo still leads the field, having increased his stack from 290,600 to 375,000. Sam Greenwood, Byron Kaverman, Rocco Palumbo and Oleksii Khoroshenin still round out the top five counts, as they did last night.

We’ll be checking in with the field later on to bring you the gossip.

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Jack Stanton is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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