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We’re heads up folks. Well, not ‘we’; they are heads up. ‘They’ being Nick Petrangelo and Luc Greenwood.

Byron Kaverman exited in fourth place, busting to Luc Greenwood in a brutal fashion. Kaverman three-bet shoved for 835,000 over Greenwood’s 70,000 under-the-gun open, and after getting a count Greenwood made the call.

Byron Kavermanl-PCB2017-Monti-6081.jpg

Byron Kaverman

Kaverman had the 99, which was dominating Greenwood’s 88 and put him in a perfect spot to double up. The JK4 flop and 2 turn were perfect for him too. But the 8 river gave Greenwood a set, and that suck out shot him up to 3.2 million and the three-handed chip lead. Kaverman collected $335,020, rounding out an excellent week in which he’s final tabled three of the biggest events. Take a look below; I think you’ll agree that’s pretty impressive.

Tournament Place Prize
$100K Super High Roller 5th $445,320
$5K Main Event 28th $19,000
$50K Single Day 3rd $452,220
$25K High Roller 4th $335,020

Three handed play went on for quite a while, and a part of that time was spent hunched over a laptop looking at potential chop numbers. Ultimately, Nick Petrangelo put an end to proceedings, confirming he wouldn’t do a chop.

From there, Michael Rocco took a few hits and found himself being grounded down by Greenwood. It was Petrangelo who busted him though.

Rocco opened to 90,000 on the button and Petrangelo defended his big blind to see the 3A10 flop. Rocco continued for 75,000 when it checked to him, and Petrangelo called.

The turn was the 2 and Petrangelo checked it. Rocco then made it 200,000 to go, but Petrangelo wasn’t done with this one. He lifted his arms up, motioning to Rocco to do the same so he could get a look at his stack. Once he’d had a good peek, Petrangelo slid in a big stack of orange 100K chips to put Rocco all-in. After a 20 second tank, Rocco called.

He had a good reason to do so; Rocco had the AJ for top pair with a decent kicker plus a flush draw. But Petrangelo had the goods with his 54 for a made flush. The river was the Q and that sent Rocco out in third for $409,020. That amount is good for the second biggest cash of his career, just behind a third-place finish in a WPT event for $423K back in 2014.

Michael Rocco-PCB2017-Monti-6149.jpg

Rocco and Petrangelo have a stare-off

When heads-up started, Luc Greenwood had 4.115 million and Nick Petrangelo had 3.835 million. There’s nothing left to do now but find ourselves a winner.

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