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Sometimes the High Rollers can run so hot they seem unbeatable. But they are only human (apart from Fedor Holz, who is almost certainly a cyborg-robot), and they still do bust out of tournaments.

A few hours into the Final table of the PokerStars Championship HKD $100,000 High Roller and just four remain of the eight that started the day. Here’s a quick re-cap of how they bust.

PSC Macau_Velli-872_Final Table.jpg

The hopeful final 8

8th: Luo out first (HKD $470,000)

Xixiang Luo has had a great week here at the PokerStars Championship Macau. He’s taken down two side events for a little over $50,000 over the last few days. But it wasn’t the Chinease pro’s day today as he hit the rail first after coming into the day short.

With his signature pyramid atop his 24-big blind stack, he removed it to get them all in the middle with 99 following two opens ahead of him. It was Troy Quenneville who called him off with AJ. With the A in the window, Luo packed up his bag and headed home.

7th: Levedev left for dead (HKD $652,000)

We always see Levedev in these events, and despite running deep he’s yet to bink a big one outright. It was a case of the same today when he got all his chips in with JJ, only to be called by Sosia Jiang who held pocket rockets: AA. The board ran clean and Jiang added another 730,000 chips to her stack.

PSC Macau_Velli-879_Sergey Lebedev.jpg

6th: Smith hits the hay (HKD $895,000)

Dan Smith was next to go after an unfortunate couple of hands that saw him short stacked early into the day. You can read more about how it all played out here.

The high-roller aficionado hit the rail in 6th, which is enough to tip his total live earnings over the $16 million mark.

5th: Lai waves goodbye (HKD $1,170,000)

Ben Lai’s fate came after calling a shove which equalled the same amount as Sosia Jiang’s 54,000 open. It was also called by chip-leader Raghav Bansal. Action was checked all the way to the river on the AQ92J. “I have a deuce” announced Bansal, which was enough to beat Jiang’s AK on that board. Unlucky for him.

4th: Petrangelo punished (HKD $1,465,000)

Finally, just moments ago it was the turn of perhaps the most recognisable face of the remaining players in Nick Petrangelo to hit the rail.

After his button open was 3-bet by Sosia Jiang, Petrangelo moved all-in for just shy of a million chips. His A5 was crushed to Jiang’s AA, and he headed for the exit.

PSC Macau_Velli-875_Nick Petrangelo.jpg

Now just 3 players remain:

Sosia Jiang – 5,400,000 chips
Raghav Bansal – 2,100,000 chips
Troy Quenneville – 1,500,000 chips.

Stick around to see who will be crowned the champ, and be sure to follow live updates via our friends at PokerNews.

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