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This tournament is over. You’ll find a full recap here.

1:45pm: Timothy Adams in the new Super High Roller Champion!
Level 20: 40,000/80,000 (ante 10,000)

So that’s it. Timothy Adams is champion. Here’s how he did it:

Mikita Badziakouski had 780,000 at the start of the hand, as we found out when Adams asked for a count before announcing his all-in.

Badziakouski looked like the decision was somewhat on the line, prompting Adams to ask if he wanted to know the time, then telling him it was 13:37. There is so much poker to be played in Prague and both players have made it known they are keen to get in on some of it and registration was closing elsewhere shortly.

Badziakouski assured Adams that “They still have time but my hand is good enough anyway,” and made the call. It turned out that he was ahead. They turned over:

Adams 67
Badziakouski J10

On to the flop and it was a monstrous 68A for Adams, giving him a pair and a flush draw. Badziakouski said the 9 would be a good sweat card and it wasn’t far off, with 8 hitting the turn. Now Badziakouski had improved to a flush draw of his own and had counterfeit outs with the remaining aces in the deck to add to any non-spade jack or ten.

It was asking too much this time, though, as the 8 completed a full house for Adams.

Adams will take home the trophy and the €555,000 first-prize money. Congratulations to him and to Badziakouski who netted €383,600 for his efforts. -LY

1:35pm: Big blow to Badziakouski
Level 19: Blinds 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Mikita Badziakouski opened his button to 150,000 and Timothy Adams called to see a 5JK flop. He check-called a 250,000 c-bet bringing the Q on the turn, and then he check-called another bet of 550,000.

This pot was pretty big by the 5 river, and Adams checked a final time. Badziakouski let his 30 seconds count down before betting 1.4 million, and Adams called.

“Aces,” announced Badziakouski, but his AA were no good against Adams’ 75 for a rivered trips, having picked up a flush draw on the turn.

Badziakouski is down to just 800,000 now, against Adams’ 7.7 million. –JS

1:30pm: Fives good
Level 19: 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Mikita Badziakouski began this hand aggressively, and seemed as though he would see it through. But it fizzled out as time went by, and then he couldn’t beat a pair of fives.

Badziakouski opened to 150,000 and Timothy Adams called. Then Adams checked the 45Q flop. Badziakouski bet 230,000 and Adams called.

They proved to be the last chips that went in the pot as both players checked the 3 turn and J river. Adams then showed his 105 and Badziakouski shrug-mucked. — HS

1:25pm: Adrian Mateos out in third (€244,900)
We are heads up for the title

Level 19: 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Adrian Mateos was sat on 11 big blinds and needed to get it in. Looking down at his cards, he made his move on the button and, after a fold from Mikita Badziakouski, Timothy Adams made the call.

Adams: QJ
Mateos: A8

Adams needed to hit, being the slight underdog, but the flop was a favourable 84J, giving him top pair. The 2 turn saw Mateos’s outs drop dramatically, with Adams picking up a flush draw.


Mateos out in third

The river was the A, giving Mateos two pair but it wasn’t enough to beat Adams’ flush. Adams now has around 5.8 million to Badziakouski’s 2.7 million as the pair go heads up.

Mateos, meanwhile, is looking for his €244,900 payout. He only registered at the start of Day 2, so that’s pretty much his pay for a single day’s work. -LY

1:15pm: Fast orbits
Level 19: Blinds 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

The dealer button has been whizzing around as we hadn’t seen a flop for a while. Adams shoved the small blind, Badziakouski got a walk, Adams got a walk, Adams shoved the small blind…and so on.

We did see one hand go to post-flop action though. Badziakouski limped the small blind and Adams checked to see a 238 flop. Badziakouski check-called 215,000 to see a Q turn, but check-folded to a 660,000 bet from Adams.

All the while, Adrian Mateos stack is getting very short. He’s at around 800,000 now. –JS

1:05pm: Adams picks off Mateos’s bluff
Level 19: Blinds 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Adrian Mateos is in critical danger now having tried a river bluff in a hand against Timothy Adams, but getting picked off.

It started with a button raise from Adams and a call in the small blind from Mateos. That took them to a flop of 102A and Mateos check-called Adams’s bet of 60,000.

They both slowed through the 6 turn, but then Adams led 150,000 after the 3 river. Mateos allowed the clock to tick down before announcing a raise. He put 550,000 over the line.

Adams also let the clock tick through about 29 seconds, before indicating a call. A despondent Mateos turned over his K4 and Adams triumphantly showed Q6 (by which I mean he showed it will all due humility, but it turned out to be a triumphant play).


Big call from Timothy Adams

Mateos is on life support now with about 650,000. Although, that said, Mikita Badziakouski had something similar about 30 minutes ago, so it’s not over yet. — HS

1pm: A three bet on the river
Level 19: 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

This hand started with Mikita Badziakouski limping in the small blind and Timothy Adams checking his big.

The flop ran out A84 and both players checked. Then came a J turn and a third club on the board. This time, Badziakouski lead for 120,000 and Adams came along.

The A river paired the top card and it looked like the kind of run out that might induce some heavy betting. That is exactly what happened.

First Badziakouski bet 280,000, Adams upped it to 750,000 and Badziakouski wasn’t done there, three-betting to 1.6 million. Adams was convinced and folded.

Badziakouski now has 3.1 million and is creeping up on Adams’s 3.6 million. -LY

12:55pm: Another double for Badziakouski
Level 19: Blinds 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Timothy Adams has continued his aggression, moving all in at every opportunity. Unfortunately for him, it’s resulted in Mikita Badziakouski’s second double up of the day.

Adams jammed his button and Badziakouski winced and tossed and turned in anguish. A minute later (after using a time bank) he called off his 1.06 million stack and saw he was racing with his A10 against Adams’ 55.


Badziakouski accumulating

The 10KJ flop put the Belarussian in front immediately, and he’d keep the lead after the 2 turn and 2 river. He’s up to 2.1 million now, while Adams dips to 5 million. –JS

12:45pm: Doing what they can
Level 19: 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

In most instances in this three-handed dynamic, players are constrained by circumstances to either shove or be shoved on. Timothy Adams has jammed twice more from the button and got it through, while, on another occasion, Adams min-raised his button and then folded when Mikita Badziakouski shipped.

There’s quite a lot of time being spent in asking and determining how much opponents are playing. Adams needs to know the precise amounts in his short-stacked opponents’ stacks before making his moves pre-flop, while Adrian Mateos and Badziakouski are regularly requesting accurate counts of their closest challengers’ counts.

Net result: not a lot. But something will give soon. — HS

12:40pm: It’s a double for Badziakouski
Level 19: 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Two hands into Day 3 and we have already seen an all-in situation. Timothy Adams set both Adrian Mateos and Mikita Badziakouski in from the button on the first hand of the day.

Next it was Badziakouski’s turn to shove. He was in the small blind and Adams made the call from the big.

Badziakouski: A5
Adams: KQ

Badziakouski was the slight favourite heading into the 922 flop and by the 6 turn, Adams was looking for a king or a queen only. Badziakouski got a 7 brick on the river to secure a double and Adams counted out 580,000 chips to hand over. -LY

12:35pm: Off they go
Level 19 – Blinds 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Cards are in the air and they’re playing to a winner. — HS

12:20pm: Let’s get this finished

As you will have seen if you’ve been following coverage of this tournament, there have been a couple of changes to the proposed schedule, before the original plan ended up being adhered to all along. That meant we played eight levels on Day 1, then 10 on Day 2 yesterday, even though the players were flirting with the idea of playing it out last night. (It’s all explained in yesterday’s live updates.)

Of of that means that we return today with three players left and the €555,000 first prize still up for grabs. Third place is worth €244,900, second place is €383,600 and it’s between Timothy Adams, Mikita Badziakouski and Adrian Mateos as to who takes what.

Adams is the runaway chip leader. His 6.045 million represents more than double what his opponents have combined. Mateos has 1.79 million and Badziakouski 665,000. They’re coming back to play Level 19, where blinds are 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante).

In theory this shouldn’t take long. Adams is the red-hot favourite. But stranger things have happened than either of his two challengers battling back into contention.

Cards are in the air at 12:30pm. We’ll follow it all to the conclusion. — HS

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PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €50,000 Super High Roller: Jack Stanton, Howard Swains and Lisa Yiasemides. Photography by Neil Stoddart.


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