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The $10,000 Single Re-entry High Roller has reached its dinner break after six 60-minute levels. But before the players (and us reporters) go and grab a main course, here’s are your high roller hors d’oeuvres (i.e. a quick run through what’s happened so far).

While registration is open until the start of Day 2 tomorrow, we’ve so far seen 201 total entries, including 24 re-entries. The chip leader right now at the break is Iranian businessman-turned-pretty-darn-good-high-roller-player Ali Reza Fatehi, who at one point had almost five times the 50,000 starting stack having eliminated two players in one hand.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-636_Ali Reza Fatehi.jpg

Fatehi’s out in front

Fatehi had reached the turn of a 10623 board alongside Alexander Timman and EPT12 Prague Main Event winner Hossein Ensan. They’d created a pot of 27,000 by this stage, before Timman led out for 23,000. Ensan just called with around 40,000 behind, only for Fatehi to shove all in with the biggest stack.

Timman called, and Ensan followed suit. Neither would like what they saw though. While Ensan had flopped a set with his 66 and Timman had flopped a flush with his 97, Fatehi had flopped best with his J8 flush. Timman was drawing dead, while Ensan called for the board to pair. Alas, it did not, eliminating the two and sending Fatehi’s stack up to 225,000.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-620_Hossein Ensan.jpg

No repeat Prague success for Ensan

Other big stacks right now (coming back at blinds of 400/800) belong to Markus Durnegger (170,000), Xiaoyang Luo (150,000), Jans Arends (145,000), and Tsugunari Toma (140,000).

But a spare a thought for those not so fortunate here today. Max Silver was hoping for a good result:

But alas, he busted his second bullet:

Steve O’Dwyer got off to a bad start in this one, just as he had in the €50K Super High Roller earlier here in Prague. He lost a big pot to Koray Aldemir early on, and eventually busted his first bullet. However, he’s so far having better luck on his second, and will return from a dinner with a stack of around 75,000.

Pretty much every big name you can think of is in this thing. In no particular order (and without wanting to leave anyone out) we’ll just list you a few who will be back after some grub. Super High Roller winner Timothy Adams is still in (hoping for his third high roller final table in a row), and he’ll be joined by the likes of Adrian Mateos, Thomas Muehloecker, Mustapha Kanit, Ole Schemion, Davidi Kitai, Bryn Kenney, David Peters, Sam Greenwood, and Stefan Schillhabel.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-615_Sam Greenwood.jpg

Greenwood’s pre-dinner stretches

And let’s not forget about the defending champ in this one, William Kassouf. He arrived about three levels into the day and seems to have had a productive start, heading back to 60,000.

After the 75-minute dinner break, there’s still plenty of poker to be played. Stick with us for your round-ups, or head over to PokerNews for live updates.

Photos by René Velli.

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