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This time last year we were reporting on how Will Kassouf took down the last ever EPT High Roller, earning the trophy thanks to a heads-up deal that saw the bigger-stacked Patrick Serda take away a larger final prize.

Twelve months on, and now we’re reporting on how the last ever PokerStars Championship High Roller has played out here in Prague, and the story ends with a somewhat familiar final chapter.

From a 256-entry field in the €10,300 event only Sergio Aido and Danny Tang remained late Monday night, and with Aido the chip leader the pair struck a deal to award Tang the trophy and winner designation while Aido took the lion’s share of the remaining prize money according to an ICM deal giving Aido €449,000 and Tang €381,000.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-899_PSC Prague High Roller Winner Danny Tang.jpg

Danny Tang, PokerStars Championship Prague High Roller champion

PSC_Prague_VELLI-819_Sergio Aido.jpg

Sergio Aido, recipient of largest portion of the prize pool

Rewind back to yesterday and it took almost an entire level to burst the bubble. Rocco Palumbo would ultimately become the last person to leave with nothing, and you can read all about that went down right here.

Just 16 players returned for this third and final day, and after around three hours of play and the eliminations Christopher Kruk, David Peters, Igor Yaroshevskyy, JC Alvarado, Guillaume Pau Davy, Tsugunari Toma and Viliyan Petleshkov, they were down to a final table. Here’s how they stacked up with nine left:

Position Name Chips
1 Ben Heath 2,400,000
2 Kfir Ivgi 2,150,000
3 Roman Emelyanov 1,660,000
4 Hossein Ensan 1,450,000
5 Danny Tang 1,350,000
6 Preben Stokkan 950,000
7 Liwei Sun 925,000
8 Orpen Kisacikoglu 900,000
9 Sergio Aido 825,000

Kfir Ivgi’s rail consisted of Artan Dedusha and the aforementioned winner of this event last year, Will Kassouf. Despite coming into the final table with the second biggest stack, Ivgi would be the first of nine to fall, unable to replicate his friend’s success.

Most of his chips were shipped to Liwei Sun after his ace-king won a flip against Ivgi’s pocket jacks. Ivgi was down to just one big blind, and with J3 he stuck it in against Sun’s 99 and Preben Stokkan’s 1010. The 54K95 runout trebled up Stokkan and sent Ivgi to the cage.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-871_Artan Dedusha_Kfir Ivgi.jpg

Ivgi with Dedusha and Kassouf

However, the Norwegian would soon join him thanks to a brutal cooler. Hossein Ensan and Stokkan both checked a 77K flop to see the J on the turn. Ensan led for 75,000 and got a call, bringing the 9 on the river. Ensan bet 270,000, and Stokkan shoved for 945,000, which was snap-called.

Stokkan turned over 97 for sevens full of nines, but that was no good. Ensan had the 99 and had rivered a better full house to eliminate Stokkan in eighth.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-876_Preben Stokkan.jpg

Cruel end for Stokkan

Seven-handed play went on for a quite a while, but eventually Roman Emelyanov would exit in seventh when he bluffed the river with a busted straight draw and was called by Sergio Aido with top pair. Aido would then eliminate Liwei Sun in sixth, when his KQ hit a king to beat Sun’s A10 after he’d shoved preflop.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-887_Roman Emelyanov.jpg

Emelyanov gets his coat

PSC_Prague_VELLI-882_Liwei Sun.jpg

The sun sets on Sun

Orpen Kisacikoglu made his second Prague high roller final table in this one, having earlier finished fourth in the Super High Roller won by Timothy Adams, but here would also fall shy of the win by going out in fifth. Short-stacked, he jammed with Q7, but ran straight into Hossein Ensan’s AA, and the pocket rockets held up.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-889_Danny Tang_Ben Heath_Orpen Kisacikoglu.jpg

Another final table Kisacikoglu

The man who began the finale as the chip leader would be the next to go. Ben Heath lost the majority of his stack after he three-bet shoved with pocket sixes only for Danny Tang to call with pocket kings, which held. In the next hand Heath found pocket eights, but they lost a flip against Aido’s ace-king and Heath was done in fourth.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-838_Ben Heath.jpg

A healthy score for Heath

EPT12 Prague Main Event champion Hossein Ensan battled gamely as the short stack among the final three for some time before finally becoming the next to fall. The German’s final hand saw him reraise push from the blinds with queen-ten suited versus Aido’s pocket tens, with a seven-high board proving unamenable to Ensan.

PSC_Prague_VELLI-897_Hossein Ensan.jpg

More excellence from Ensan

With that pot Aido enjoyed a better than 2-to-1 chip advantage over Tang with 9,025,000 to Tang’s 3,775,000, and as mentioned rather than play it out the pair decided on the deal-making route.


The heads-up duel that became a heads-up deal

The finish represents significant tournament scores for both players. For Aido it’s his third-highest tournament cash and carries his career live earnings over the $6.4 million mark, while this marks Tang’s largest ever cash, moving him close to $1.3 million overall.

Congratulations to both Tang and Aido for their triumphs over yet another especially tough PokerStars high roller field.

PokerStars Championship Prague €10K High Roller Single Re-entry

Dates: December 16-18, 2017

Buy-in: €10,000

Players: 256 (including 61 re-entries)
Prize pool: €2,483,200

1 Danny Tang Hong Kong €381,000*
2 Sergio Aido Spain €449,000*
3 Hossein Ensan Germany €242,000
4 Ben Heath UK €196,000
5 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey €152,900
6 Liwei Sun Italy €116,000
7 Roman Emelyanov Russia €85,000
8 Preben Stokkan Norway €63,000
9 Kfir Ivgi UK €52,000

*denotes heads-up deal

For a comprehensive blow-by-blow account of all the big hands from the exciting final day, head over to our friends at PokerNews.

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Photos by Rene Velli. Jack Stanton is a Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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