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EPTLive updates from day 1B, level 2 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 75-150.

2.05pm: Zguba on home turf
New Team PokerStars Ukraine player Vlad Zguba had a tricky start to the day, losing a third of his 30,000 starting stack in the early levels.

He didn’t want that to dive further, which explains his not getting over excited with his KK.

In the hand against France’s Tristan Clemencon, who final tabled at EPT Deauville earlier this year, the pair of them saw a 269 flop. Zguba bet out 400 with his kings, Clemencen called. The turn was 10, and now Zguba check-called the Frenchman’s 950 bet. Both players checked the 5 river, and Clemencon quickly discovered his 67 was no match for the Ukranian’s kings.

That hand put Zguba back up to around 23,000.


Vlad Zguba

1.50pm: Russian bluff
Andrew Feldman was in the cut-off and had seemingly called a raise from the player on his right before the flop came 75K. He bet 850 when checked to him only to face a raise up to 3,000. He made the call and then faced a 5,200 bet after the 4 came on the turn. After a tank of three to four minutes he laid it down and asked his opponent if he was bluffing. No answer came but the player to Feldman’s left said: “It was a Russian bluff.”

“He’s American,” responded Feldman.

“He’s an American who made a Russian bluff!” added Alexander Kostritsyn to mild chuckles from those seated at that end of the table.

Feldman still around his starting stack so could afford not to gamble in that spot.

1.40pm: Kabbaj trusts the ladies
John Kabbaj, the seasoned campaigner from the UK, made a great call on the river to pick up a nice pot at the start of level 2.

On a tricky looking board of KK384 he faced a nearly pot-sized bet of 6,100 from his opponent. A couple of minutes in the tank, however, convinced him he was still ahead – and his instincts were correct, his QQ was in front of AJ.

Kabbaj moves up to 38,000.


Level 3 updates can be found here.

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