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EPTLive updates from day 1B, level 7 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 50-300-600.

8.25pm: The end
That’s it. We’re through seven levels, and done with day 1b of PokerStars EPT Kyiv. We’ll have a full wrap of today’s events up shortly. In the meantime, you can marvel at the unofficial chip counts, which will be replaced by the full official overnight counts very soon.

8.10pm: Frenchman down
Micro stacked Tristan Clemencon has just been eliminated. He was sitting on 3,850 and when faced with a late position raise and call decided it was a good spot to get the rest in. The cut off player then re-raised all in to isolate and it worked as the small blind folded. Clemencon was happy to see his KJ in a race against 1010. He was less happy though when the board ran out 52378 to send him to the rail.

7.55pm: Hansen late to arrive, early to depart
Moved to a table with the aggressive and chipped up Romanian Cristian Dragomir, Gus Hansen was already nursing a short stack of a little less than 3,000. After folding to early-position raises, he must have been delighted that action was folded to him on the button. Predictably enough, he moved all in and Ivan Lunchkin made the call in the small blind. The big blind declined to participate and Hansen was up against a solitary opponent. But it was a solitary opponent with aces. Hansen flipped J7 as Lunchkin revealed his black aces. The board had a seven on it. “That’s a seven,” confirmed Hansen as the 72K flop came down. But the turn Q and the river 3 offered no help.


The Great Dane is downed.

7.45: Deeb down on himself

Shaun Deeb has the cut of a dejected man right now. He seems to be feeling he’s not getting the run of the cards and opponents are playing hands in strange ways. He’s vented his frustration to a friend on a neighboring table but he’s still plugging away trying to play his game.

He made a raise from the cut off to 1,525 and was called by the big blind before the flop came A38. It was checked to him so he continued his aggression with a 1,850 bet only to fold to a raise to 4,325.

The very next hand he made the same raise and was called by both blinds. The flop came 10K2 but he manged to take this one down with a 2,850 bet when checked to him. that put him back on his starting stack at 30,000.

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