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EPTLive updates from day 2, level 10 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 100-600-1,200.

2.35: Ziv straight out of the door
Oleksandr Ziv, who has been up and down in this event more than a window cleaner on his ladder, has finally busted. And it was unlucky for the Ukrainian. He had pocket tens, was called by sevens, and was distraught when the board ran 4A856 for a runner-runner straight.

2.30: Biggest pot of the tournament so far
A monster of a pot just occurred between Jonas Kronwitter and Allan Baekke. Kronwitter raised, Baekke three-bet, Kronwitter four-bet, Baekke then moved all in and Kronwitter snap called with AA. A deflated looking Baekke tabled QQ before the board came 5JK39.

After a count down it turned out Baekke had his opponent covered by just 3,000 in what was a 300,000 pot making it the biggest pot so far. New chip leader people is Jonas Kronwitter.

4.10: Rockets damage chip tower
Nikolay Evdakov’s stack has had severe chuck bitten out of the side of it. He raised from late position and was called by a player in the small blind before the flop came down 433. The small blind led out before Evdakov raised. His response was to move all in, a bet that Evdakov called with 99. He’d ran into AA though that held through the 10 turn and 2 river. The loss puts his stack at 44,000 now.

4.05pm: Galic takes huge hit
Dragan Galic, who was fighting for the chip lead 30 minutes ago with nearly 250,000, has lost a huge chunk and is now down to 135,000. It seems the damage was done over several nasty hand, rather than one big confrontation. Regardless, the Croatian who now lives in Germany, is not happy.

“I can’t believe I lost half my stack in half an hour,” he lamented, shaking his head.

4pm: The man in the PokerStars Blog Feature Seat is…
…Eduard Poltaves, a Russian PokerStars qualifier. He has the honor of sitting at table two, seat seven today, although he’s not very comfortable. He started his day’s work with around 24,000, but is now stuck on 12,400 and looking for double ups.

3.50: The sun in shining in Miami
It was folded around to the player in the cut off who made a standard raise before “Miami” John Cernuto added another 8,600 to play. After a long and fidgety tank the cut off player moved all in and Cernuto called with 1010. Off to the races they go as his opponent tabled AK. Both players tapped the table in a signal of good luck to each other before the board came 4J898. The pot headed Cernuto’s way putting him up to 138,000 while his opponent headed for the exit.

3.35: Ziv doubles, Grischuk stumbles
Oleksandr Ziv just survived an all in, getting lucky when his A6 outran his opponent’s AJ. All of Ziv’s 17,200 chips went in pre-flop, and he was more happier than he appeared outwardly when the board ran 44865. He’s now up to 35,000.

Meanwhile the Russian Alexander Grischuk, who started the day with a healthy 94,000 has just suffered another setback, when on a 7-5-5-7 board he ran his K-K into A-7. Grischuk is now down to 60,000.

3.20pm: Nut no pair good!
Alex Fitzgerald raised to 3,700 from early position and found a caller in the shape of the big blind player. Both players checked through the A108 flop before Fitzgerald bet 3,300 on the 10 turn when checked to him. The call came so we saw the 10 river which both players checked. Fitzgerald opened KQ and was surprised to see his opponent fold. That pot helped Fitzgerald back to six figures with 102,000.



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