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EPTLive updates from day 2, level 12 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 200-1,000-2,000.

7.35: End of the day
That’s it. Play has ended for the day with around 71 players remaining. We’ll have a full wrap of today’s events up shortly. The selected approx chip counts are currently here, and will soon be replaced by the full, official end-of-day chip counts.

7.20pm: A new kid in town
Vitaly Tolokonnikov has about 375,000 chips, good for the chip lead but also good for a remarkable comeback from his overnight 12,000-odd. “He’s running like Usain Bolt,” observed his table-mate Andrew Malott. “Are you from Jamaica?” Tolokonnikov is not from Jamaica. He’s from Russia. But the analogy is otherwise perfect: he just three-bet Malott with 85 and the flop came all diamonds. Malott lost the minimum, but learnt that there’s a new boss in town.

7.10pm: Fitzgerald not bokked
Alex Fitzgerald shoved in from the button, save for a single 100 chip protecting his cards. Alexey Maslov asked got a count, thought a bit and moved in himself to capture that last black chip of Fitzgerald who showed K8. Maslov was ahead with 6A, just not for long. The board ran out 32886. Fitzgerald pounded fists with the newly arrived Andrew Malott, his stack now up to nearly 100,000.

7.05pm: News snippets
Jeffrey Sarwer is now dangerously low after falling from the dizzy heights of chip leader not so long ago. After losing a big pot he then was kind enough to double up our PokerStars blog featured seat player, Igor Dubinisky. Sarwer will be out the door soon if he doesn’t improve from his current position around 30,000.

Other news is that Andrew Feldman is out. We didn’t catch the action but we know he had pocket eights against an opponent’s ace-king. It all went in pre flop and Feldman’s opponent caught an ace on the flop to end it for the young Brit.

6.50pm: Deeb downed
Shaun Deeb opened the pot with a raise as we all know he likes to do before facing a re-raise from Jonas Kronwitter. Deeb called creating a 30,000 pot as we go to the 62J flop. Deeb checked to face a 17,000 bet that he raised all in for a total of 97,000. Kronwitter tanked for two to three minutes before making the call with QQ and it was a good call as Deeb could only show 33 and river Q to eliminate the dangerous Deeb. Kronwitter meanwhile is moving back in the right direction with 320,000.

6.40pm: Nasty River
The action folded around to Maz Lykov who put in a raise only to face a re-raise from Nicolas Levi. His response was to move all in but Levi was going nowhere and had a hand to risk his tournament life with as he called all in. Lykov tabled 55 and he was racing the Frenchman’s AK. The board ran 2AQ105 to cruelly offer Levi hope on the flop only for it to be crushed with a two outer on the river. Lykov sitting pretty on 277,000 after that.

6.20pm: Galic walking a tightrope
After soaring to the summit earlier in the day, Dragan Galic is now fighting for life. Just now he faced a 6,000 raise from German PokerStars qualifier Michael Meyburg, which was called by Viktor Ivanov. Galic saw this as his chance to move in for his last 47,000, seeking the magical double up.

Both his opponents, despite sitting behind big stacks of more than 230,000, chose to take the hint and fold, with Ivanov showing A-Q in the process.

“You have 9-9,” asked Meyburg. “I would only have tens and above,” claimed Galic, who lives to fight another day.


Michael Meyburg

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