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EPTLive updates from day 3, level 16 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 500-2,500-5,000.

6.10pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level and we have 33 players left. Chip-count monkeys are currently doing their bidding, and there work will be on the chip count page almost immediately. The prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page.

6.05pm: Deeb steam-rolls the high rollers
As all the action was going on during the bubble and the post-bubble period, Shaun Deeb was quietly winning the High Roller event, defeating Andrew Feldman heads up. It’s Deeb’s first-ever live tournament win, at last adding that feather to his cap already stacked with tournament victories. OK, so there were only three runners, but it’s a win. Simple. As. That.


The long-awaited Shaun Deeb tournament winner photo

6.03pm: Viktor vanquished
Viktor Ivanov has bitten the dust, falling victim to coin-flipper Artem Litvinov. Ivanov, who had been pushing from late position, did so again from the button for his last 30,000. Litvinov called and showed AJ, which was considerably better than Ivanov’s K4.

The J37 flop made life even more uneasy for Ivanov, the 8 didn’t help, and the J twisted the knife even further. He’ll have €7,610 to take home this evening. -SY

6pm: Falaschi departs
Luca Falaschi’s Ukrainian adventure is over. Nikita Nikolaev raised from the button, as he has been doing from any position and seemingly on every hand. He made it 16,000 and Falaschi moved all in for his last 40,000, with no fold equity.

Nikolaev had to call, did, and meekly showed Q4. Falaschi was way ahead with his JJ, but one queen came on the flop and another on the river, ending Falaschi’s tournament. He takes €7,610, and the good wishes of all. He went round and shook everyone’s hand on his elimination, including his vanquisher, to whom he also added, with complete sincerity. “It’s OK. Good luck.” A classy touch.

5.59pm: Another one for the road
Volodyhyr Sendetskiy just departed in 37th position, his QJ no match against Igor Dubinsky’s A10 on a board of Q547Q. — SB

5.55pm: Mihaylo go go
Mihaylo Demidenko is our 38th place finisher after running into the AA of Lucasz Plichta with Q10. The board ran 896AA. Quad aces should just about do it I think.

5.50pm: Playing it straight
An all-in and a call. Viktor Ivanov with QQ against Albert Sungatullin’s K5. The board looked plain enough but conjured up a straight for Sungatullin; J3746. Sungatullin seemed pleased, Ivanov not so much, down to 36,000. — SB

5.45pm: Prizewinners
Our prizewinners page really is the only cool place to be right now, especially if you want to get the details of the EPT Kiev prizewinners. Go on, give it a click. – HS

5.40pm: Malott doubles
During all the melee surrounding the Alex Fitzgerald hand, Andrew Malott crept over to reveal that he had doubled up with aces, flopping a set against the “crazy Italian guy” with fours. I think he meant Michele Limongi. – HS

5.35pm: Rotach stamped out
The 39th place finisher is Vyacheslav Rotach. He got it all in pre flop with J2 but his timing was off as chip mountain Maxim Lykov woke up with KQ in the blinds and made a relatively easy call. The board came 10A676. Neither player improved therefore handing the pot to Lykov at the expense of Rotach’s tournament life. – MC

5.30pm: Post-bubble blues for Peisert and Fitzgerald
Some major action after the bubble. Jorg Peisert became the first player to be eliminated. He had a short stack, got it in, and he was out. “Congratulations, sir,” said the tournament official. “Fortieth place. It pays a whole lot more than 41st.”

Then the Italian player Luca Falaschi was crippled down to his last 5,000 when the following hand took place. Alexey Maslov opened from early position to 10,500 and Falaschi under-called all in. Oleksander Vaserfirer, on the button, re-raised to 35,000. Alex Fitzgerald, in the big blind, went into the tank but emerged with a call and that priced in Maslov. The flop came 225 and and they checked to Vaserfirer. He only had about 30,000 behind and moved all in.

Fitzgerald then announced that he was all in over the top, for another 187,000. Maslov seemed interested but eventually got out of the way. They showed their hands: Falaschi, involved in a meagre side-pot but for his tournament life, showed A4 and was rooting for a three. Fitzgerald had QQ and was rooting for another one because Vaserfirer had KK.


Alex Fitzgerald

The turn helped no one, but the river was an ace, sending Falaschi delirious and high-fiving all comers, but his was only a quadruple up to about 20,000. Fitzgerald, on the other hand, was forced to slide about 150,000 to Vaserfirer, who took a huge pot. Fitzgerald is down to about 140,000. – HS

5.10pm: PokerStars Blog Featured Seat is the bubble
Serguei Pomerantsev is our unfortunate bubble boy from our PokerStars Blog Featured Seat (table two, seat seven). The action started with Jonas Kronwitter opening with a raise to 15,000 from under-the-gun before Pomerantsev moved all in for 84,500. It was folded around to Kronwitter who made a quick call.

We had to wait for a while to see the cards while action was played out on another table and that caused the tension to build among players who had now crowded around the table. After a few moments Kronwitter turned over JJ and he was flipping against Pomerantsev’s AQ. The board came 7J9510 to put all remaining players in to the money.


Serguei Pomerantsev


Jonas Kronwitter

The all-in on the other table, which had to be played out first because this had the bigger stack, was slightly less exciting. A straight fight of Waldemar Kopyl’s AK against Michele Lamongi’s A8. Nothing dramatic changed anything on the K10746 flop, and Kopyl doubled up to around 450,000.

5pm: Bubble dragging on
Hand-for-hand bubble play continues. Good news for some, less for others. Some hands:

On the action* table, Nikita Nikolaev won a three-way pot, when he, Viktor Ivanov and Adrian Schaap saw a cheap flop of 5J6. Nikolaev bet 17,000 and only Ivanov called. The turn was J and this time Nikolaev check-called Ivanov’s 27,000 bet. The river was 2 and Nikolaev again check-called a 42,000 bet. Ivanov was reluctant to show his complete air: Q9 and Nikolaev’s pocket kings were very good.

On the same table, our coin-flipping massage magnet Artem Litvinov was at it again. This time, Nikolaev raised to 12,000 pre-flop and Schaap called. Litvinov flipped and insta-shoved all in, which got both opponents to fold. He showed pocket kings.

On a neighbouring table, Alex Fitzgerald lost a pot to Kirill Boydachenko. They got to the river and the Q gave Boydachenko the small pot. He had Q7.

* all things are relative during these sloooow-downs.

4.45pm: High rollers in town
While the bubble continues to refuse to burst, there’s another bit of excitement going on in this cavernous tournament room: three players have stumped up $20,000 to play each other in a winner-takes-all battle.

Shaun Deeb, Andrew Feldman and Nikolay Evdakov were the men with the deep pockets. Evdakov has busted, leaving Deeb and Feldman to face each other off. – SY

4.40pm: Play again
Players have returned from their break and continue hand-for-hand. The full counts for the remaining 41 players will be found on the chip count page in the blink of a red hyperlink.



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