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EPTLive updates from day 4, level 19 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. You can also follow live coverage from the feature table on EPT Live.

Blinds 1,000-5,000-10,000.

5.20pm: Kronwitter out of the gate
Jonas Kronwitter moves all-in. It’s good for some short term tension but nothing more. No takers for the German

5.15pm: Volodymyr Zakharov busted
It started with a bet of 27,000 which Volodymyr Zakharov re-raised to 120,000. Malott wasted no time in moving all-in and Zakharov called. They did that fist tapping thing and stood to pay their respects to the board: 2K583. That was it for Zakharov. Another fist thing (“I have sweaty hands so I won’t give you a handshake,” said Malott), and just 15 remain. – SB

5.10pm: Back!
They’re back, and we’ve counted their chips. Guess where they are. Go on, guess.


4.40pm: Break
They’re taking a 20-minute break as the redraw is completed.

4.35pm: Kopyl nobbled;16 left
Waldemar Kopyl has been eliminated — details to come — and they’re now doing a redraw at the final 16. Shortly before Kopyl’s elimination, we took a chip count and I’ll be darned if we didn’t go ahead and put it on the chip count page. – HS

4.30pm: Kopyl a load of this
Table chip leader Vadim Markushevski raised it up only to be re-raised by Waldemar Kopyl out of the big blind for another 40,000. He made the call as he did a 50,000 bet on the QK7 flop. The turn A saw the action go a little crazy as Kopyl decided to check-raise all in with 54 but a snap call was quick in coming from Markushevski with J10 for the nuts! The river came 7 and a red faced Kopyl shook his opponent’s hand and walked away. – MC

4.25pm: Dovzhenko does Schaap
Adrian Schaap is another player on a yoyo string in this tournament. He’s just taken a bit of a hit, when Alexander Dovzhenko made an excellent call on the river. Dovzhenko raised to 27,000 under-the-gun and Schaap called. He was the only one. The flop came 610Q and Dovzhenko bet 35,000, which Schaap called. They both checked the Q turn and then the 8 river prompted a 60,000 bet from Dovzhenko. Schaap raised another 65,000, an almost min-raise, and Dovzhenko tanked, then called. Schaap tapped the table and showed AK for the nut no pair. Dovzhenko’s A10 — a pair of tens — was good. – HS


Adrian Schaap

4.20pm: Checking
Boutboul snaps into action again, this time raising pre-flop to 26,000 which only Maxim Lykov called for a flop of 9AJ. Both checked for a Q on the turn. Both checked the 10 river. Boutboul showed ace-six which was good enough. – SB

4.11pm: Meyburg rides his luck
Michael Meyburg , the German PokerStars qualifier, has won a series of all-ins to stay alive. The latest saw him push for around 150,000 with K10 – called by Torsten Tent with QQ.

The flop of 256 was no good for the German, nor was the J turn – but the K on the river saved his bacon. He’s now up to more than 300,000.– SY


4.08pm: Huge pot for Markushevski
A massive pot was brewing on table three. Vitaly Tolokonnikov raised to 26,000 from under-the-gun and Adrian Schaap re-raised to 80,000 from mid position. Vadim Markushevski re-re-raised from the big blind, up to about 160,000 and although Tolokonnikov folded, Schaap called. The flop came 48Q and after Markushevski checked, Schaap bet 125,000. Markushevski called. The turn — 8 — was checked by both and when the river fell 7, Markushevski instantly moved all in. Schaap took a little longer about it, but eventually folded.– HS

4.04pm: Boydachenko falls
Alexey Maslov wasn’t done there, calling the all-in of Kirill Boydachenko. Maslov showed Q4 to Boydachenko’s K9. The flop brings some excitement: 5QA. The queen put Maslov ahead and the 8 on the turn left Boydachenko needing a king, but not the K which made Maslov a flush. Boydachenko out in 18th. – SB


Kirill Boydachenko

4.03pm: Tent blows another away
Iliya Gorodetskiy can now return to the commentary box as his tournament is over. He was already crippled when it was folded to him in the small blind. He moved in for about 50,000 and Torsten Tent made a standard call. Gorodetskiy had a meagre 84 and Tent’s A9 ended up with two pair on the AQJ98 board. – HS

4.02pm: Falling like flies
David Jaoui opened shoved for A7 from mid position but ran straight into the KK of Waldemar Kopyl. The board came Q394J to end this tournament for the Frenchman.

4.01pm: Maslov moves
Alexey Maslov moved in again, this time with pocket jacks and a caller in Kirill Boydachenko who turned over pocket nines. The board missed both of them, doubling Maslov to 465,000. Boydachenko on the critical list with just 70,000. – SB

4.00pm: Commentator crippled
Iliya Gorodetskiy has been crippled by Backgammon champion Michael Jurgen Meyburg. He held 55 to Meyburg’s AJ and the board ran J4KQ2. He did manage to double up through the same player the next hand but is still dangerously low.

3.55pm: All-in fold
Alexey Maslov tries the old all in move. Alex Fitzgerald thinks about it for a while but declines.

3.50pm: Boutboul snatches pot from Fitzgerald
On a flop of 825 Alex Fitzgerald pushed in with JQ and Frenchman Bernard Boutboul called with A4. The turn 8 and the river 7 – a 220,000 pot to Boutboul. – SB

3.40pm: Hilarity ensues
They’re having a rum old time on table three, although it’s not exactly perfect poker etiquette. Waldemar Kopyl and Adrian Schaap had got about 200,000 chips in the middle and they were all the way to the river, with the board reading 6KK78. I arrived at this point and it looked as though Kopyl was waiting to make his move, with Schaap staring him down. This took ages, and Alexander Dovzhenko suddenly decided to wade in, telling the dealer: “You need to tell him that he’s all in.” Apparently Kopyl had verbally announced all in, but hadn’t moved any chips forward.

This was a problem because Schaap had his headphones on and didn’t know. So plenty of people thought that Schaap was actually pondering whether to call the all in, but he wasn’t. He insta-folded when he found out the real situation, and apologised profusely. Kopyl also apologised for not moving his chips forward and everyone was forgiven.

Two hands later Andrew Malott and David Jaoui were all in and Jaoui had flashed his cards before the cameras arrived to film the dramatic moment. Malott told them not to bother because he had the same hand — ace-queen. There were flush outdraw possibilities but none came and it was chop chop.

2.35pm: Lykov breaks the 1.5 million mark
Jonas Kronwitter bet 24,000 pre-flop which was called by Maxim Lykov. The flop came 210K and Kronwitter bet again, 35,000 this time, which is again called by Lykov for a 4 on the turn. Again Lykov checks, as does Kronwitter for a Q on the river. This time Lykov bets first, 45,000 which Kronwitter has to think about. He opts to fold instead, surrendering a 175,000 pot. He’s down to 228,000 while Lykov continues to shine on 1,506,000. – SB

2.25pm: Return to the action
Players have returned from their break and the 20 players are now looking at one thing: the eight-handed final table. Chip counts are on the chip-counts page and prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page.


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