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EPTLive updates from day 5, level 25 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. You can also follow live coverage from the feature table on EPT Live.

Blinds 4,000-20,000-40,000.

3.35pm: The level ends
The last hand of the level starts with a Dovzhenko raise of 95,000 from under-the-gun. Tolokonnikov called before Simonyan looked at his cards, thought a bit, then pushed in for 516,000. Dovzhenko and Tolokonniov skip this one and head for a 15 minute break.

3.22pm: Button and blinds
Alexander Dovzhenko bet pre-flop which Tolokonnikov and Plichta called from the blinds for a flop of 4♠ 9♥ A♣ . Tolokonnikov and Plichta checked and Dovzhenko made it 175,000. That did it. Both fold.

3.20pm: Lykov gets some back
Again it’s Maxim Lykov and Lucasz Plichta going to war. This time the Polish player raises late position and Lykov calls from the small blind. They check the flop of 4â™  10♥ 8â™  and then Lykov bets 120,000 on the turn of 7♥ . Plichta calls. The river is A♥ and Lykov bets 155,000. This time Plichta gets out the way.

3.15pm: Out of the darkness
Arthur Simonyan, remember him? He just moved all-in for 416,000 finding no takers.

3.10pm: Plichta picks off Tolokonnikov
In an unraised pot, Lucasz Plichta and Vitaly Tolokonnikov saw a flop of 4♥ 8♥ 10♣ and checked. The turn was 5♣ and Tolokonnikov had a tickle: 40,000. Plichta was having none of that, bumped it up to 100,000 and that was that. On the next hand, Plichta three-bet Maxim Lykov pre-flop and took that one down too. He’s making some moves.

3.02pm: Step forward Lucasz Plichta
Maxim Lykov raised to 95,000 from the button which Alexander Dovzhenko called from the small blind. Then Lucasz Plichta stepped in, raising things to 440,000 total. That ruined everything for the others, who prompty fold. Plichta showed jacks.

2.51pm: Out of the small blind
Alexander Dovzhenko made it 100,000 from the button which Vitaly Tolokonnikov raised to 270,000 from the small blind. Back to Dovzhenko he called for a 9♦ 6♥ 5♥ flop which Tolokonnikov bet 300,000 on. Dovzhenko passed.

2.50pm: Battle royale
This is becoming a good little battle between Maxim Lykov and Vitaly Tolokonnikov. After showing that nine-deuce earlier, Lykov re-raised Tolokonnikov’s opener, making it 225,000. Tolokonnikov said the poker equivalent of: “Have some of this!” and four-bet shoved for his million-odd. Lykov folded.

2.45pm: Lykov at it
Vitaly Kolokonnikov made it 95,000 pre-flop which Maxim Lykov raised to 245,000. Kolokonnikov tapped the table and mucked his cards. Lykov showed him nine-deuce.

2.40pm: Chips
Get the latest five-handed chip counts on the chip count page.


2.37pm: Adrian Schaap, Holland, eliminated in 6th earning €60,000
Adrian Schaap’s tournament is over. Maxim Lykov raised, Schaap shoved and Lykov called. Pocket tens for Lykov against Schaap’s A♥ Q♣ , a classic race situation. The board ran: 4â™  4♦ 3♥ J♦ 2♥ . After losing any number of coin flips, Lykov’s hand finally holds up and Schaap departs.


Adrian Schaap

2.32pm: Dovzhenko re-raising
Adrian Schaap made it 87,000 pre-flop which Alexander Dovzhenko re-raised to 265,000. A minute or so of deep thought followed before Schaap passed.

2.30pm: Plichta doubles, Lykov pays (again)
Maxim Lykov opens to 100,000 from under-the-gun. We’ve seen this before. Lucasz Plichta moves all in from the button and after the blinds get out the way, Lykov calls. He has A♣ J♥ and it’s a good call because Plichta has K♣ 10♣ . The flop — 3â™  2♦ 5♥ — is no good for Plichta. The turn — 6♥ — isn’t much good either. But the river. Oh, the river. It comes 10♥ . Plichta allows himself a clench of his fist as his cheeks turn an even brighter shade of scarlet.


Lucasz Plichta

2.20pm: Kolokonnikov moves in
After a pre-flop raise from Maxim Lykov, Vitaly Kolokonnikov moved all-in for 535,000 total. The action came back to Lykov who wasted no time in calling, showing A♣ K♦ to Kolokonnikov’s Jâ™  J♦ . The flop and turn: 5â™  9♣ 10â™  Q♦ gave Lykov more outs and Kolokonnikov cause to worry, but not for long when a harmless 4♦ hit the river. Kolokonnikov back up to 1,154,000.


Vitaly Kolokonnikov

2.15pm: Simonyan doubles
First hand after the break and Lucasz Plichta raises from the cut off to 105,000 and Arthur Simonyan insta-shoved his short stack all in. Plichta was pretty-much forced to call the extra 200,000, even though he didn’t much look like he wanted to. Simonyan showed Q♣ Qâ™  and Plichta only had Aâ™  3â™  . There were no spades on the flop, and no ace on turn nor river. Simonyan doubles and Plichta is now the short stack with a little more than 500,000.

2.10pm: They’re back
The six remaining players are back in their seats. Alexander Dovzhenko is way ahead here, but Maxim Lykov still has all the moves and is breathing down his neck. After Adrian Schaap’s double up, the short stack has become Arthur Simonyan. Something like this:

Alexander Dovzhenko, Ukraine, 3,768,000
Maxim Lykov, Russia, 2,552,000
Lucasz Plichta, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 953,000
Adrian Schaap , Holland, 746,000
Vitaly Tolokonnikov, Russia, 623,000
Arthur Simonyan, Russia, 365,000

Follow the blow-by-blow action right where you are. (Hit Refresh or F5 for the latest.) Find chip counts on the chip count page. Find prizewinners to date on the prizewinners page. Find all the same in Russian or German at the Russian or German blogs.


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