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EPTLive updates from level 3/4 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 150-300.

4.55pm: One in, one out
As a thunderstorm erupted outside – hopefully bringing a cooling of the temperature – PokerStars player Allan Baekke eliminated an opponent. Holding Q-Q he got it all in and was called by A-K. Baekke had him covered, but it was a typically roller-coaster board, coming out 10-K-9-8-J, meaning he was behind on the flop and turn but the J on the river filled up his straight.

On a neighbouring table, Vitaly Volov survived an all-in and doubled up to 24,000 when his A-A push on a 1069 flop was called by 10-7, filling up a full house on the 6 turn and A river.

4.50pm: Winning without a showdown

It’s the best way to win a hand. Every player would like to go through a tournament without having to showdown as it’s rare to be 100% to win a hand. Two players have just shown us examples of this.

Firstly Luca Pagano raised from under the gun to 800 and was called by a player two seats along before the flop was revealed as 752. Pagano’s continuation bet of 1,500 was met with a raise to 4,000 before he moved all-in very quickly for a total of 12,475. After a few minutes of thought his opponent folded to hand the Italian the pot and a 18,235 stack.

Secondly Raoul Refos raised to 750 on the button before the small blind player re-raised to 2,400. Arnaud Mattern called from the big blind before Refos put in another raise to 6,000. The small blind folded fairly quickly but Mattern seemingly had a harder decision. He then folded 1010 face up and asked Refos to show a bluff but the request was denied.

4.20pm: Folding a full house to quads
PokerStars qualifier Tent Torsten just picked up a nice 10,000 pot after hitting what he claimed was quads. On a board showing Q-Q-J-Q-K, he bet out 6,500 on the river, causing fellow qualifier Vladislav Mezheritsky to fold his J-J face up in disgust.

It was a masterful fold… if Torsten was telling the truth when he said he had A-Q!

4pm: Active Arnaud

Apologies for the delay in reporting the latest action but we had some severe internet issues to deal with.

Shortly into level 3 Arnaud Mattern raised it up to 525 from early position and found one caller in the shape of Raoul Refos in the big blind. The flop came A43 before Mattern continued with a 650 bet when checked to him. Refos made the call to see the K turn that both players checked. The river 3 saw Refos get active with a 1,150 bet and Mattern called quickly. Refos opened A5 but the river had seen the Frenchman take the lead with 63. He raked in the pot that put him up to 34,000 to Refos’ 27,000.

The very next hand Mattern raised from under the gun but quickly folded to a re-raise from the player in the big blind.


Mattern getting a massage

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