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The chips are flying here on Day 1C as we’ve seen huge pots, frosty decks and almost half the field already decimated. As we play out the final three levels this evening let’s take a look at some of the sicker hands that transpired.

We need to go back to Level 4 for the following hand between Jaydeep Dawer, Johnson Tan and Hisashi Ogi. Dawer was the one who kicked things off with a preflop raise to 800 in middle position with both Tan and Ogi making the call. The flop was spread Q57 and Dawer continued for 2,400. Tan called but Ogi bumped things up to 7,500. He was met with two calls and the 2 fell on the turn.

Dawer then emptied the clip, shoving for 30,200 into two opponents, and Tan decided to call off for his tournament life. Ogi deliberated momentarily before finally relinquishing his hand to see Dawer and Tan table their hands.

Dawer: AQ
Tan: 86

Dawer was ahead with top pair top kicker but Tan had a world of outs with both flush and open ended straight draws. The 9 rolled off on the end to complete Tan’s straight and deliver a huge hit to Dawer who was knocked down to 10,400.

PSF Manila Dawer.jpg

Jaydeep Dawer

The next hand came in the following level where we saw Mazyar Misaghian, Pranay Kapoor and Akash Chandrashekhar all clash in a three-way pot. The player in the big blind was absent when the action kicked off and Misaghian announced that he wasn’t going to lay down lightly if someone tried to steal the 400 in chips.

That didn’t seem to deter his tablemates with Kapoor opening to 900 in early position and Chandrashekhar calling from the hijack.

“I told you not to steal that four hundred,” quipped Misaghian, “now look what you’ve made me do…”

The lecture was accompanied by a sizable raise from Misaghian, and while Kapoor let it go, Chandrashekhar went into the tank.

“You’ve made my friend look bad now,” laughed Chandrashekhar, “I might have to defend his honor.”

A couple of minutes later Chandrashekhar decided he had to back his words up with action and called off for his tournament life with 1010. He quickly saw the bad news, however, as Misaghian flipped over QQ.

The A6264 runout failed to save Chandrashekhar and he headed to the cashier to re-enter while Misaghian built to 110,000.

PSF Manila Misaghian.jpg

Mazyar Misaghian

They were two of the biggest pots so far on Day 1C. We’ve just entered the penultimate level so there’s still some time for a huge clash to develop. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see how things progress. Stay tuned to the PokerStars Blog for a full recap of today’s proceedings later tonight, and for live coverage you can check in with our friends at PokerNews.

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