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Welcome back to PokerStars Festival Manila where it’s time for the penultimate day in the Main Event! 167 have returned for the 2pm restart and cards are now in the air. The plan is to play 11 one-hour levels or until we reach the final table.

Those still in contention will have their eyes on the PHP5,515,000 (~$109,000) first place prize, but first we have to reach the final 87 to make it into the money. Min-cashers will receive PHP90,000 (~$1,800) for their efforts this week.

PSF Manila chips2.jpg

Leading the charge is Korea’s Woohyuk Yang who emerged as the Day 1C chip boss three quarters into yesterday’s action. Yang was the benefactor when Mazyar Misaghian dusted off his stack on a river bluff which saw Yang call with two pair.

Yang has just $2,999 in live earnings but that looks set to change here in Manila if he keeps up his current form.

PSF Manila Day 1C chip leader Woohyuk Yang.jpg

Woohyuk Yang

Also joining Yang in the hunt today are a host of notable players. Day 1A chip leader Elan Zak and Day 1B chip leader Michael Falcon are both among the action, as are the High Roller champion Peter Plater, Sparrow Cheung, Linh Tran, Victor Chong, Antii Halme, Celine Lee, Sam Razavi, Pete Chen, Kunal Patni and Jack Wu.

Play hasn’t been underway long but we’ve already seen chips flying and players hitting the rail. One of them fell at the hands of Sparrow Cheung who picked up pocket aces at an opportune time. Local Euryd Rivera called off for his tournament life holding AQ on a board of Q936 but couldn’t find one of two outs when the J landed on the river. He departed while Cheung climbed to 220,000.

Cheung is currently the frontrunner on the Asia Player of the Year race and will be looking to add to his score card here in Manila. He’ll have to vie with rivals Alan Lau and Pete Chen who are hot on his heels and also here for Day 2.

PSF Manila Sparrow Cheung Day 2.jpg

Sparrow Cheung

We’re strapped in for another 11 hours of exciting Main Event action. Be sure to stay with us all day to see how things unfold, and for stories from both on and off the tables. You can also tune in to PokerNews for live updates, and get in touch using the hashtag #PSFManila.

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