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This week we reported the news that the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure would be back in January 2018. Not only that but the buy-in would return to its original $10,000.

If that’s the type of money that makes you wince (you’re in good company) it can also seem a world away from the type of poker you play locally, for much lower stakes.

But the PokerStars live event experience is one we don’t like to keep just for those High Rollers paying $10K (let along the 25K, $50K and $100K in the other High Rollers planned for the Bahamas). It’s one we want everyone to be able to experience. Which is why the PokerStars London Super Series is something we love to shout about.

hippodrome_outside_festival_london_11Aug17.jpgThe Hippodrome is perfectly located in the heart of London’s West End

The next of these events takes place at The Hippodrome in London’s West End from 30 August to the 3 September. There’s £150,000 guaranteed and the buy-in is £550. What’s more we’re allowing multi-flight re-entries over each of the four flights of the Main Event, which are split between two days:

Flight 1A: Thursday 31 August at 13:00
Flight 1B: Later the same day at 19:00
Flight 1C: Friday the 1 September at 13:00
Flight 1D: A TURBO flight at 21:00 later that night.

Super Series events are designed to give you a high stakes experience for a much lower buy in, with satellites running for as little as £5.50 on PokerStars. If you can’t make it in the afternoon, the evening starts mean you don’t need an excuse for your boss to miss work. They’re also late enough that you have time to get something to eat before you play, rather than the usual hurried minute to remove your necktie.

What’s more when you finally take your seat you get a big stack and long levels. No more having to resort to shove-or-fold poker after the first half hour – you get to play poker how it was meant to be played. That said, if things do get a bit shove-y early on that re-entry rule is your friend.

Then there’s the venue.

The Hippodrome in London must count as one of the best places to play in London (if not the best). Don’t take our word for it. A converted theatre, the Hippodrome offers a little luxury for those who want it, some grandeur for those who need it, and a tube station for those in too much of a hurry to notice that sort of thing. And that’s not a minor detail, especially when going deep usually means missing the last train home. On reflection, it’s quite possible that the London Underground Night-tube service (running Fridays and Saturday) was instigated with successful poker in mind.

All of this is reflected in the popularity of the series, which last year attracted 453 runners – up 55 per cent on the year before.

There’s more going on beyond the Main Event.

hippodrome_casino_11Aug17.jpgThe Hippodrome can boast one of the most opulent tournament rooms in poker

They’ll be a Women’s Event on Sunday 3 September at 13:00, with a £100 + £10 buy in, and an hour later at 14:00 there’s also a knockout event with a £100 + £100 + £10 buy in.

Finally, we are holding a two-day Super Deep event starting on Saturday 2 September at 17:00. It has a 50,000-starting stack and a £250 + £25 buy-in.

In short there’s plenty of poker crammed into the four days.

For more information about the Super Series, and for more images of the Hippodrome, check out the PokerStars London homepage.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley. What did you think about this post? Let us know on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

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