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You want to hone your poker skills. PokerStars School wants to help you. Here’s a look at what’s in store for you at PS School this week.

Winners Wall: Turning 75 cents into $32,000

Four Spin & Go’s and one Sunday Million later, Smart747 had $32,000 in his account

It’s a situation almost everyone has been in before. PokerStars School member “Smart747” was down to the last 75 cents in his PokerStars account, so he decided to try to spin it up to something more substantial.

“I fired up 3 Spin & Go’s and to my surprise, and amusement, I won all 3 of them,” he told PokerStars School in this week’s Winners Wall piece. “I then had a total of $3.50. There was a special Spin promo running at the time where you could win a ticket to the Sunday Million, I played, and you guessed it, I won the ticket…”

If things ended there we’d be in “cool story, bro” territory. But as it turns out, Smart747 went on to finish in fifth place for $32,000 in that Sunday Million. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this week’s Winners Wall interview for the full story straight from Smart747, complete with hand analysis from another famous satellite winner: Chris Moneymaker.

Hand Of The Week: 200 Billionth Hand Edition

Celebrate with PokerStars School as the 200 Billionth Hand approaches

The 200 Billionth Hand in PokerStars history is set to be played very soon and PokerStars School is in on the action. The upshot of that is lots of chances for you to pick up prizes as we celebrate this historic occasion.

All you have to do to join in the fun is go to the PokerStars School forum Poker Hand Of The Week thread and share a hand you’ve played via the BOOM! hand replayer. The hand you choose should fit one of three categories: Best Bluff, Biggest Pot Won, or Best Fold.

For starters, the first 200 players to post a hand before April 21st will all receive a PokerStars School Community Tournament ticket to the monthly $1,000 freeroll. But there’s more:

On April 21st, our Moderators will then Pick the 5 Best hands which we will add to a Forum Vote Poll. The hand with the most votes by April 26th, will win 100 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets and the title of Best 200 Billionth Poker Hand. 2nd place will receive 75 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets and 3rd place will get 25 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets.

That’s all in addition to the many prizes PokerStars is already giving away to celebrate to the 200 Billionth Hand. Get in on the action now in the Poker Hand Of The Week thread.

Increase your Zoom Poker win rate with these 5 tips

One great way to improve your win rate is to play more hands per hour. And the easiest way to play more hands per hour is to sit down at a Zoom Poker table.

OP Poker’s James Mackenzie wants to help you supercharge your Zoom Poker win rate

But what if you could increase your win rate at the Zoom Poker tables? This week James Mackenzie from OP Poker drops by PokerStars School to share a video with five tips that will turn you into a Zoom Poker superhero.

Check out 5 Tips to Improve Your ZOOM Poker Win Rate and start boosting your bankroll today. And if you’re still trying to become a winning player at the Zoom tables, be sure to check out the PokerStars School Zoom Poker course.

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