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Phil ‘philbort’ Gruissem has an astonishing record of results in High Roller tournaments (as do many of the German elite players). Really, you should check it out. Gruissem has clocked up $3,985,562 in live tournament wins and most of that has come from these big buy-in tournaments.

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Phil Gruissem: ‘I know, I can’t help but win these things.’

Sure, lots of players would say that they’d obviously muck their top two in this spot, but in reality most would cross their fingers and hope to be up against a fast-played pair of jack or some kind of combi-draw that they’re ahead of.

Gruissem does what many can’t: he passes a great hand when his read tells him to muck. While you don’t win tournaments by folding you do get knocked out of them by calling a long way behind in big pots.

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