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So, you’re tired after the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. We can relate.

Fifty tournaments, millions of dollars, new champions, constant coverage. It’s enough to put the toughest of souls into a longterm care center. We’re in therapy right now.

So, let’s just get to this morning’s report without a lot of fancy prose and stuff. Before we do, however, here are a couple of very important items you might have missed during all the PCA coverage.

First off, if you haven’t heard about the PokerStars Haiti relief fund, you need to go immediately to our post about how PokerStars players are donating to help the suffering in earthquake-stricken Haiti. It’s the easiest way for PokerStars players to donate to the Haiti relief effort and PokerStars is matching every dollar donated.

In other news, PokerStars is now running satellites for the North American Poker Tourevent at the Venetian. At this hour, 99 people have already qualified with a month still to go before the event starts.

Now that we’ve reminded you about those important pieces of news, onto this weekend’s big live action.

First up, news of AceQuad taking down this week’s Sunday Million. He picked up nearly $180,000 after a four-way chop in this episode of the world’s biggest weekly poker tournament.


A little bit earlier in the night, insanocut won nearly as much after chopping the 1-19-10 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up three ways.

Here’s a list of all the big winners in the 1-17-10 PokerStars Sunday tournaments.

Now, get yourself over to those Haiti donation pages and help make a difference.

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