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This is always a hard time to keep our attention focused online. Not only are we spending a lot of time on our New Year’s resolutions (#1–Stop falling asleep at traffic lights), we also know what’s going to happen tonight.

Indeed, in just a few hours, we are going to see the kickoff of the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It’s really hard to concentrate on anything else.

Fortunately, we keep a couple of clear-headed writers on retainer to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Jen Newell stayed up late last night and took note as the first Sunday Million of 2010 and a quarter million bucks went to uyra99.


We at the PCA also have to think the venerable David Aydt who took care of the Sunday Warm-Up for us last night. That’s when Chris1804 found his way to $132,861 and the first Sunday Warm-Up win of the year.

Want to see how all the big dogs fared this weekend? Check out 2010’s first weekend of Sunday tournament results.

Now, we hope you’ll excuse us. There is a PokerStars welcome party to attend tonight. We’re hoping they have those little meatballs on sticks…

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