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Listen, PokerStars, if you’re just going to keep breaking records like it’s your job, we’re going to have to hire more writers.

We’ll assume everybody heard the sonic boom yesterday about 4:30pm ET when the PokerStars Sunday Million once again broke its record for biggest field and biggest prize pool. Thanks in part to PokerStars adding $500,000 to the guarantee, the field swelled to a massive 19,377 people fighting for a $3,875,400 prize pool.

Zoinks. That is a lot of Scooby snacks.

So, this is the kind of money that will eventually result in a deal at the final table, right?


Wrong. As our late night reporter Jen Newell reported as the sun was threatening to come up, OX45AL won more than half a million bucks for about 12 hours of work.


That was the biggest news of the day, but there were a ton of other big stories.

Like what? Like this:

BelaLany earns tough victory in 2010 WBCOOP Main Event

Turbo Takedown: SixthSenSe19 wins marathon heads-up battle for the Audi TT RS

Sunday Warm-up: SHOGUN1000 uses big stack to pummel final table

And as if all that won’t hold you until the weekend, we have a list of all the big weekend tournaments and their big winners on our 1-31-10 PokerStars Sunday tournament results page.

That should hold you for a while. Or at least until PokerStars breaks another record, which should probably happen in about 3…2…1….

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