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Two hundred thousand bucks will buy you a bunch of stuff. In many parts of America, that amount of money can buy you a pretty decent home. It can pay for college, any number cars, luxury watches, or vacations to the Virgin Islands. Most people don’t make that amount of money in a year.

Some people make it in a day.

That’s what happens all the time on PokerStars, just this weekend, Sherkadil won enough money in the PokerStars Sunday Million to move to a nice little home or pay for someone’s four-year tuition to a really good school. However he decides to spend it, it’s his to spend now. Read all about it in Martin Harris’ herkadil rakes it in, bags 10/17/10 Sunday Million.


In the Sunday Warm-up, the prize wasn’t quite as big, but it was still significant enough at $143,000 to merit coverage by our David Aydt. For all the details of how the Sunday Warm-up played out, see: Sunday Warm-up: Doeks eeks out $143K victory.

And that is the weekend that was in the world of PokerStars. Just a few people winning life changing money while playing the world’s greatest game.

For all the results from this weekend’s big tournaments, check out the 10-17-10 PokerStars Sunday Tournament results page.

Good luck to everyone this week!

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