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Halloween. It’s the day you put on clothes you wouldn’t normally wear, cover your true nature, and beg strangers for hand-outs.

It’s also, perhaps not coincidentally, the last big poker day of October and the one that sees the online tables overflowing with action.

The PokerStars bloggers has a monster workload yesterday that can be summed up best if you just get to clicking on these links:

  • Battle of the Planets: MrWeesy whips through final table taking down $12K win
  • Sunday Warm-up: Levan1971 turns back time and wins $118K after three-way chop
  • Turbo Takedown: bostanu24 drives away with Audi TT after four-way chop
  • Zareta scares up a Sunday Million victory on Halloween
  • halloween_million_final_table.JPG

    Halloween’s Sunday Million final table

    If you’d like a good look at all the people who won some big money this weekend, we have it right over at our 10-31-10 PokerStars Sunday tournament result page.

    Now that you’ve got all the strangers’ hand-outs, it may be time to take of the Pokemon mask. Just saying.

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