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This is the end, my friend.

Actually, it’s just the beginning of the end. And really, it’s only the beginning the end of 2009. We still have another three years before we really have to worry about the end (and that’s only if we believe the Mayans, Hollywood, and a few hundred people holed up in end-of-the-world shelter).

All of that that said, it is the beginning of the end of 2009, and that means we have just a few more Sunday tournament weekends left.

As most people of the northern hemisphere are shivering under their winter shawls, the action on PokerStars was just as cozy as you have come to expect. As you’ll read in Jen Newell’s report, making the most of the atmosphere was Spain’s ran77 who won more than $238,000 in the PokerStars Sunday Million.


Before the witching hour had come and gone, David Aydt was up and covering the Sunday Warm-Up. The tournament most worthy of a bad wintertime pun saw the United States’ ely_cash41 cash in for more than $126,000.

For a complete rundown of this weekend’s big winners, check out our 12-6-09 PokerStars Sunday tournament results page.

Stay warm, folks.

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