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It’s around this time of year that the PokerStars Blog usually gets a frantic phone call in the middle of the night. Over the past few years, the transcript of the call has read something like:

Caller: “Dude, are you awake?”

PokerStars Blog: “I haven’t been awake in 12 hours…eggnog.”

Caller: “Dude, get out of bed! Santa Claus is playing on PokerStars right now.”

PokerStars Blog: “Stop calling me ‘dude,’ man.”

Caller: “He’s not just playing, man. He’s giving away money, dude!”

PokerStars Blog: “Egg nog, man. Egg nog.”

Caller: “You gotta get up, brother. This is just crazy. Santa Claus, dude!”

PokerStars Blog:“Where did you get this number?”

Indeed, the holiday season is upon us, and that means that sometime in the next week or so, we are going to see ol’ St. Nick himself bellying up to the PokerStars tables. If he sticks to form, he will be throwing a party at just about every table he visits.

For now, though, folks are having to earn their own way.

Sunday saw hassan77 take down the Sunday Million for an early gift of nearly $200,000. Jen Newell has the story over at: Holidays brighter for hassan77.


A bit earlier, David Aydt told us the story of jdawg217 chopping up his present four ways (talk about the holiday spirit!) and cashing in the Sunday Warm-Up for more than $116,000. Check out that Christmas carol over at jdawg271 wins one for the crew.

If you’d like to see Santa’s early nice-list, we have a full rundown over at the 12-20-09 PokerStars Sunday tournament results page.

Now, keep your eyes on PokerStars. Santa is coming, no matter how much egg nog we drink.

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