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Here’s an experiment. Lock the members of Team PokerStars Pro Canada in a room with Team Online’s Anders “Donald” Berg. Make them play poker together and see if anybody loses, because at this point, it seems like they don’t do anything but win.

Just go check out this week’s big winners on PokerStars on the 12-5-10 PokerStars Sunday tournament results page. What you see there is Berg winning to tournaments and final tabling two more. You’ll also see at Pat Pezzin making a final table and Greg DeBora winning an event. The guys simply crush Sundays.

Not to be outdone, Barry Greenstein made the $215 HORSE final table, and Nacho Barbero won $18,000 in the $109 rebuy event.

All the while, the Sunday Warm-up and Sunday Million final tables were playing out.


More than 8,500 people showed up for the Sunday Million that promises a quarter-million bucks to first place. Martin Harris has the story here: ettiezzi edges artohme in epic heads-up, wins 12/5/10 Sunday Million.

Elsewhere, there was the story of 26071985 crushing the Sunday Warm-Up for nearly $150,000. David Aydt has that story right here: 12/5/10 Sunday Warm-up: 26071985 takes no prisoners in $148K victory.

Congrats to all of this weeks big winners.

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