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Sometimes, you just have to prioritize.

See, we love the Sunday Million around these parts. The weekly first prize is usually enough to make our eyes pop. We miss the Millon on the few weeks out of the year that it is replaced by something else.

This was one of those weeks.

The WSOP Main Event kicks off two weeks from today and PokerStars wanted to give its players one last chance to get in on the big one. So, last night, the world’s biggest online poker site replaced the Sunday Million with a mega satellite to the WSOP Main Event. When it was over, 252 people had won their seats the Main Event. In all, more than 850 PokerStars players have won packages to the Main Event.

With all of that understood, there were still a lot of big Sunday tournaments to play out. As David Aydt reported, the Sunday Warm-Up drew more than 4,100 players who competed for a first prize worth nearly $130,000. In the end, needdollarz made a three-way deal for a nice little payday.


For the results of all the other big tournaments, don’t hesitate to check out our 6-20-10 PokerStar Sunday tournament results page.

And rest assured, the Sunday Million will be back next week.

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