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If you’re anything like us, you’ve just spent the last three days sleeping. You’re eyes are puffy, your internal organs are coming up for air, and your early0onset arthritis is pleading with you to take a month away from a computer keyboard. The World Series of Poker is over until November.

Of course, most of you aren’t anything like us. You just want to get on with the news of the day, like, for instance, what happened in this week’s PokerStars Sunday tournaments. Well, alright then. Back to the grindstone.

This was one heckuva weekend on PokerStars. First off, in case you didn’t notice, PokerStars once again set the Guinness World Record for number of people in a poker tournament. Sunday afternoon, 65,000 people (greater than that population of most American cities, by the way) all sat down at the same time to play the same tournament. When it was over, The United States’ “004 license” had won the biggest tournament ever played.

Elsewhere, PokerStars was still running its bread and butter tournaments, including the big Sunday Million which handed nearly a quarter million bucks to winner danilov153. That’s not to mention the weekly Sunday Warm-Up where leclash took home $132,000.

If you’d like to see what everybody else was doing this weekend, check out our full list of 7/19/09/ PokerStars Sunday tournament results.

In the meantime, we’re off to ice down our fingers.

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