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PokerStars will be offering fans the chance to win one of these wheel covers after the race – a money-can’t-buy chance to bag a piece of iconic memorabilia…

Ever seen a poker chip spin at more than 200 miles per hour? 

Of course not. Even the most dexterous chip tricksters can’t reach those speeds. 

But this weekend, when the red and white swirl adorning the wheels of the Oracle Red Bull Racing (ORBR) RB19 comes into focus during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, you’ll see it in all its glory:

The red spade. Two, in fact.

As part of its ongoing partnership with ORBR, PokerStars has co-designed a special set of wheel covers that will grace the RB19 for the hotly anticipated race on Sunday, November 19. The red and white design has the look and feel of a PokerStars chip, complete with the iconic red spade.

The covers – which sit alongside the livery created by ORBR fan, Lindsay Palmer – were unveiled last night, and see PokerStars become the first ORBR partner to feature on the team’s wheels.

If you think they look as fantastic as we do, you’re in luck…

PokerStars is offering fans the unique chance to win one of the bespoke race-worn wheel covers. And if that wasn’t cool enough, the covers will also be signed by three-time World Champion Max Verstappen, as well as his ORBR teammate, Sergio Perez.

This upcoming giveaway is a money-can’t-buy opportunity for fans to bring a piece of Oracle Red Bull Racing home. The limited-edition wheel covers will be available to win in a variety of ways, so make sure you keep your eyes on PokerStars’ social channels for more details.


Throughout the year the special chip design was integrated within PokerStars x Oracle Red Bull Racing content, merchandise, and assets, as the promise of an incredible Las Vegas experience was rewarded to fans throughout the year via the Red Spade Pass.

Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Director of Partnerships & Public Relations at PokerStars, said: “We’re honoured to be the first to feature on the team’s wheels, and such an iconic part of a very special livery for the inaugural race in Las Vegas.

The chip design has been featured in our PokerStars x ORBR content

“Our wheel reveal marks the pinnacle of our efforts this year to excite and reward fans and customers, and we’re super excited to physically share such an iconic piece of racing memorabilia with our community.”

The upcoming race marks the peak of PokerStars Las Vegas takeover. Just last week, PokerStars brought back its popular North American Poker Tour (NAPT) to Vegas in the lead-up to the race weekend, for the first time in 12 years…


The prestigious NAPT Las Vegas festival saw 1,095 players flock to the felt for the main event, won by Sami Bechahed for a whopping $268,945.

The Tour stop also saw PokerStars online winners from all over the world enjoy live poker action in Las Vegas ahead of taking in Grand Prix festivities via PokerStars’ epic Vegas Gold Pass promotion.

VIP experiences also lie in wait for racing purists who sought out a limited-edition Vegas Red Spade Pass via various giveaways at PokerStars throughout this season.

PokerStars also took on the role of Games Master on Oracle Red Bull Racing’s Grand Tauro USA this week. The exhilarating cross-country road trip saw a convoy of supercars leaving California on Sunday, bound for Las Vegas.

PokerStars laid on a thrilling line of games and activities across the four-day journey, culminating in an evening of poker. Honing their skills at the poker table were PokerStars Ambassadors Andre Akkari, Arlie Shaban, and Frankie Cucchiara, alongside friend of PokerStars Maria Ho. There were also famous faces including Naomi Schiff, Chelcee Grimes, Leticia Bufoni, Matt Gallagher, Tommy Bellingham, Juliana Muncinelli, and Cris Guedes.

“We’ve truly brought our two worlds together to create two weeks of entertainment for poker fans and F1 fans alike,” McAdam Willetts continued. “From our NAPT to our sponsorship of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s Grand Tauro, to charity poker for fans on race week and incredible VIP experiences, we’re seeing through our commitment to deliver unforgettable memories.

“We believe there’s no partner in the racing world who can do Vegas like we can, and we’re grateful to Oracle Red Bull Racing for allowing us to deliver our vision for the wheel covers and offer fans the chance to get their hands on them.”

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