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If a seat at the PokerStars Players Championship tops your wish list, you’ll know getting your hands on a Platinum Pass can be tricky.

Challenges involve too much chance. And you’re too busy playing poker for contests.

All of which can make the PSPC seem out of reach.

But what if there was a way to get the complete PSPC package – with all the perks of a PSPC Platinum Pass – but without the hassle of chasing down one of those shiny metal cards?

That might be a more appealing option, right?

Especially if it came at a low price.

If you have a PSPC package, you don’t need a Pass

What better way to win a PSPC package than by using the skills that got you where you are today?

Call it a seat at the PSPC based on effort alone.

That’s how 19 players got their places at the PSPC last year. for them it was about the package, not the pass.

No rewards chests, thanks.

These were players who needed only a shot at the biggest event of its kind.

A chance to play.


Use poker skill to win your PSPC seat

If that sounds familiar then you’re likely among the players who make these PSPC qualifier tournaments are so popular — a chance to reach events bankrolls don’t always allow.

A PSPC Platinum Pass

Like we said 19 players qualified last time. And most for much less than the original PSPC buy-in.

Which is exactly what you can do this Sunday.

The PSPC qualifier this Sunday has one package guaranteed, and at a fraction of the original PSPC buy-in.

When you think of the ROI and the size of the PSPC prize pool, the needle flies off the chart and is never seen again.

Read on to learn where it lands…

Start with a (very) low buy-in to the Sunday PSPC qualifier

First let’s talk about buy-ins.

Because at $1,050, this Sunday’s qualifier is out of the reach of even experienced players. Even if it is a fraction of the €22,500 PSPC 2020 buy-in.

Which is why we’re running satellites for the rest of this week. And you’ll be glad to hear the buy-ins are much smaller.

For instance, you can win your way into the PSPC qualifier for €109.

Even better than that… there are €55 satellites running to help you do the same.

Even better than that… there are special feeder satellites too.

Play these for as little as €5.50.

Even better, they’re available to play for €0.55 too.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can try special Freebuy Feeders for the eye-drying price of, well… NOTHING.

Now… in the interests of transparency, let’s be clear – this won’t be easy.

In fact, it will feel like you’re taking on the entire PokerStars community all by yourself.

But hero status awaits the player who does it. And the same community would love to see you try.

So, if you’re thinking this might be for you, here’s what to do next…

Step-by-Step guide to get you registered

If you haven’t played a tournament like this before, or need a recap, it’s quick and easy to do.

First, head over to the PokerStars client.

Once you’ve logged in click on the EVENTS tab along the top right.

Then select LIVE on the far right hand side, followed by the PSPC 2020 tab.

That brings you to a screen looking a lot like this:

As you can see, there are feeder satellites starting at as little as €0.55.

But look out for those Freebuy Feeders too (not shown here).

You can play as many of these as you like ahead of the qualifier this Sunday.

And when that all goes to plan, make a note of what’s next…

There’s at least one package guaranteed

Now you have your seat in the qualifier, be ready for it to start on Sunday at 15:30 ET. That’s 8.30 PM in the UK, and 9.30PM across the rest of Europe.

Late registration is open for two hours after start time.

You can also have three re-entries (although if you won your seat in a €0.55 satellite, we recommend tightening up to avoid this option).

The qualifier has one PSPC package guaranteed, but that could increase depending on how many players take part.

Last time around there were 42 players, which meant TWO packages were given away.

I suppose the only way to know for sure is to turn up on Sunday to find out.


Don’t leave your PSPC seat to random chance

So those are your options.

A shot at a PSPC package in a qualifying event you can get into for a buy-in more closely resembling your budget. And no need to go off in pursuit of an illusive Platinum Pass.

Don’t get us wrong, Platinum Passes are a big deal. We have nearly 200 more left to give away, and it’s going to be great fun to see where they land. But they’re tough to win.

This way, by playing the PSPC qualifier this Sunday, it’s all in your own hands.

And remember, Platinum Pass packages are worth more than a coveted seat in the PSPC.

Winning the package on Sunday means the same five star accommodation for you and a guest, and expenses to get you to Barcelona this August. We’ll even throw in some goodies along the way.

But a seat in the PSPC gets you something even better.

Something you can’t put a dollar sign next to or give away free in a player bag.

It’s the chance to be part of one of poker’s most iconic moments.

Few poker tournaments stand out like this one. And for as long as PSPC cards are in the air, Casino Barcelona will be the centre of the poker universe. It’s also where that ROI needle lands.

No poker player in the world would want to miss it.

Casino Barcelona will host the PSPC in August 2020

Which makes this your chance to count yourself among the elite few who make it. And who play for a title expected to be worth millions to the winner.

How to win a PSPC Platinum Pass is one thing. But winning a PSPC package might be the option you’re looking for.

Get yourself ready for the qualifier this Sunday.

Remember, it starts at 15:30 ET/ 8.30PM UK time.

Good luck!

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