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EPT Sochi
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Hold onto your hats. The EPT is coming to Sochi for the third year.

This time around the Main Event is bigger. There’s more ways to qualify online. And there’s a bowling tournament. No kidding.

Expect a familiar EPT welcome, combined with the stunning scenery and exceptional hospitality that Sochi has become known for. The mountain air may be cold, but the EPT Sochi knows how to keep its players warm and happy.

So, what are you waiting for? The snow to melt off the caps?

The EPT Sochi Main Event

The EPT Sochi Main Event has a buy-in of RUB 175,000 and a huge guarantee of RUB 122,300,000.

For anyone who can’t instantly convert currency, we’re talking over $1.9 million in prizes.

The festival runs from March 20 – 29, with the Main Event kicking off on March 24. That gives you a few days to settle, take in the scenery, and get warmed up with some 24/7 cash games.

– EPT Sochi Main Event: March 24th – 29th
RUB 175,000 buy-in, RUB 122,500,000 Gtd.

You can buy-in directly for the event, but for many players the route to EPT glory is with online qualification.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Online poker players – this is for you

Here’s the deal…

We want as many seasoned, recreational and new players alike to experience the charm and buzz of the EPT Sochi Festival.

So let’s forget those flashy ballers with their direct buy-ins for just one second.

This is for you, lady who only ever logs on at the weekend. It’s for you, guy who just found the raise button. This is for young guns who are ready to swim in deeper waters, and passionate pros who one day hope to make it big.

You can gain entry to the EPT Sochi Main Event for as little as $1.10, or even for free!

Qualifiers and Satellites

The most direct route to entry (other than buying straight to the Main Event) is with the Qualifier tournaments, running daily at 19:10 WET with a $215 buy-in.

If you make it through the Qualifiers, you’ll win your seat for the EPT Sochi Main Event. This includes expenses and accommodation at the luxury Marriot Krasnaya Polyana Hotel, just meters away from the action. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

You can also gain entry to the Qualifiers via a selection of low priced satellites. Options include $1.10, $11, $22 and $0.22 rebuys.

Get through any of those little gems, and you’ll be well on your way to EPT Sochi qualification.

There’s even something for you, player who isn’t satisfied with a $1.10 satellite. We will get you on that plane to Sochi.

Qualify with freebuy feeder tournaments

Freebuy feeder tournaments sound like something from an Alien film. Don’t be scared. They are potentially the cheapest way to gain entry to the EPT Sochi Main Event.

Actually, they’re totally free. If you want them to be…

Freebuy feeder tournaments work in mysterious ways. Well, not really. Your initial entry is free – no snags, no strings attached. You can then have unlimited rebuys for $0.11, followed by an optional $0.11 add-on at the end of the rebuy period.

Win one, and you’ll be in the mix for the $215 Qualifier tournament and your shot at an EPT Sochi package. All completely free (maybe).

It’s the Crazy Pineapple Hand… wait, what?

Here’s the kicker. We like to pamper our online qualifiers, so we’re giving one player a Platinum Pass to the PSPC 2020.

It’s the Crazy Pineapple Hand!

You’ve heard of it, right? Allow us to explain.

Anyone who qualifies online for the EPT Sochi will be invited to play a shootout style tournament. This will take place 15 minutes before play resumes on Day 2.

The rules are simple.

Players will be dealt three hold cards. There’s no betting, and everyone is all-in from the get go. The only decision you make, is which of your hole cards to drop after the flop. Whoever wins the hand moves up to the next table, until there’s only one player left standing.

They will take home a PSPC Platinum Pass, worth €26,000!

Extra-curricular activities in Sochi

Players like to blow off a bit of steam outside of the intensity of the poker tables. For fun lovers and midnight marauders, the EPT Sochi is throwing two exciting extra-curricular activities. A bowling bonanza and an unforgettable night of karaoke!

EPT Sochi Bowling Cup 2020: March 26, 10pm – 1am @ Gorki Gorod Mall (free snacks and drinks!)

EPT Karaoke: March 27, 10pm – 2am @ Marriott Krasnaya Polyana Hotel

The perfect remedy to a bad beat or bust, you don’t even have to leave the Casino and Hotel complex to have a great time.

Bowling and karaoke winners will each receive their very own coveted PokerStars micro-spade trophies – an accolade to great accomplishments in Sochi.

This may even get more competitive than the Main Event.

Sochi is also famous for skiing and snowboarding. Bust out early and you could always hit the slopes at the Gorky Gorod ski resort.

The practicalities

If you’ve never heard of Sochi and don’t have a clue how to get there, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Sochi is a very up-and-coming destination. It’s just a couple of hours flight from Moscow, which can be reached via many major airports in Europe. Once you land in Sochi, the taxi to the casino at Krasnaya Polyana is effortless – a breeze you could say.

Most travelers will need a visa for their visit. Check the requirements for your country. PokerStars can provide all the help needed to make this process easy with our dedicated visa service.

It’s not too much effort to get to Sochi. Once there, you join an elite group who were willing to take a leap of faith.

There’s good reason the EPT came back to Sochi for a third year running. We can’t wait to show this year’s newcomers what it’s all about.

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