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Ready to give your brain a major workout and yourself a chance to win a Platinum Pass? Then you’re in the right place, because today is the day for Round 2 of Liv & Igor’s “Next Great Poker Brain Quiz.”

Show off your poker brain and win a Platinum Pass from Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree

First of all, here is the link for this week’s Round 2 quiz. Good luck!

This is all part of Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov’s #PlatinumPassAdventure. The winner is going to be one very well-rounded poker brain.

Here’s how the challenge works:

• Every three weeks a new quiz challenging skills that are necessary at the poker tables will be open to all. There will be two more preliminary quiz rounds of multiple-choice questions after this week, held on August 29th and September 19th.
• The 10 contestants with the highest total score across the four preliminary rounds will advance to the final on Wednesday, October 3rd.
• Each quiz round (including the final) will take place at the exact date posted and cannot be taken at any other time outside the announced window.
• To resolve any potential tie-break situations, each preliminary round quiz will also be timed. If, after the three rounds, two or more contestants have identical scores and are close to the bubble of the final 10 contestants, the contestants with the lowest total times will advance to the final of 10 contestants.
• The final quiz will also be timed to determine the two Platinum Pass winners.
• Even if you don’t have much poker experience, we’re sure the person who wins this challenge will have the mental agility to compete in the upcoming PSPC event in the Bahamas. Good luck!

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