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Simon Young tells Natalie Pinkham all about it

“I was Noah-ed,” explains Simon Young, the Suffolk Punch floored by last year’s EPT Copenhagen champion. “I’m trying to think if I made a mistake, but who calls a pre-flop raise with five-two?”

Such was the plight of the Sun man. Player in mid-position makes it 5,000 to go, Xuyen “Bad Girl” Pham calls, Simon with ace-ten calls in the cut off. Noah also calls from the small blind. First position. Got to have something, hasn’t he? The flop comes five-ten-five. Noah seems to like that and bets 7,000 and the other two get out of the way.

So, what does Young do now? He’s got top pair, top kicker but the board is paired. But none of these can be either raising or calling with a five in the hand, unless they’ve now got quads.

Simon calls and when the turn is a blank, Noah fires again, this time moving in for about 50,000 covering Simon’s remaining 30,000. Simon goes through the options. No pre-flop re-raise from Noah, ruling out a bigger pair. He might, just might, have pocket fives, but that’s surely a check on the flop, especially with the super-aggressive Bad Girl still in the mix.

He’s got a ten, Simon thinks. I think that’s a good read – possibly more than can be said for the publication Simon represents – but that’s a solid read. Noah must have a ten, which means Simon’s ace is good. Call. The chips are in.

Noah, known as Exclusive on the PokerStars tables, shows his monster five-two and Simon is taking his tale back to the tabloids.

You couldn’t make it up.

Noah “Exclusive” Boeken: on the charge on the feature table

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