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Here’s where you’ll find the latest highlights and PokerStars results, including the Sunday Majors and High Roller Club.

Highlights this week include:

  • BNTP44 takes down PKO Sunday Million
  • Ronan Sweeney conquers tough final table in HRC
  • Bounty Builder Bonanza takes over schedule
  • Russian earns two big scores to claim Player of the Week

BNTP44 takes down PKO Sunday Million

This weekend’s Sunday Million was a Bounty Builder Bonanza special with a PKO format. Proving popular with players, the tourney crushed its guarantee, reaching a prize pool of over $1.3 million. Both first and second place were set to take away $55k along with any bounties collected.

“AcePheres” of Brazil led the pack when the action continued on Day 2, and maintained his position to eventually finish second overall, adding a total of $70,028 to his $2.5 million in online winnings.

Two short stacks managed to ladder their way up on the final table. “JustG0tHigh” of Russia made several tight folds to finish fourth place, whilst “goalie1313” of Canada made a few big saves and double ups to eventually come out in third.

“BNTP44” of Germany, who had kept hold of a threatening stack for most of the final table, won the heads-up battle against AcePheres and topped the tourney for $86,864.

Russian player earns two of three biggest scores

Player of the Week is “mamuka-vas-vseh” of Russia, a high roller who’s had a few smaller wins before, but got their first really big break this weekend, hopefully of many to come.

Mamuka came second in the $1,050 Saturday KO for $7k, earning one of their top scores. The next evening, they came back for more, once again targeting bounty tournaments. The player entered the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown, finishing first for a total of $23,789 and locking up their biggest ever prize in online poker.

Congratulations to mamuka-vas-vseh for a tidy $30k double.

Ronan Sweeney conquers tough final table in HRC

In the High Roller Club, “CrazyLissy” of Russia took down the $1,050 Saturday KO for $9,493. On Sunday, CrazyLissy found themselves on the final table of the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up, but crashed out in eighth place for $3,441.

Christopher Oliver made a deal with Sweeney in the Warm-Up

As it happens, the HRC Sunday Warm-Up was one of the toughest final tables of the weekend. There was simply no easy money in sight. On a table full of pros, it’s no surprise to see the heads-up players make a deal. Following the deal, Costa Rican OG Christopher “ImDaNuts” Oliver finished second for $17,102, and Ronan “Sw33ney” Sweeney of the UK came first for $20,864.

Despite a similarly tough final table, no deal was made in the Sunday HR. Instead, “BetForNympho” of the UK and “dunny03” of Canada battled it out to the bitter end. Both players are clearly comfortable on lucrative final tables. BetForNympho’s won a WCOOP Super Tuesday event in 2021 for $108k, while dunny03 earned a second place in the Sunday Million in 2018 worth $149k. Back to the Sunday HR and on this occasion it was dunny03 who came out on top, earning bragging rights and $36,700.

The $530 Bounty Builder Bonanza HR reached a prize pool of $634,500 from 1,269 entries. After two days on the felt, Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson of the UK came second for a total of $47,106. “tigredefu297” of Uruguay came first and, with the final bounty, earned $81,872.

Bounty Builder Bonanza takeover

A flash Bounty Builder Bonanza mini-series appeared on the schedule for Sunday, adding a handful of additional PKOs to the schedule. Lex Veldhuis narrowly missed out on the final table of the $16.50 event, placing tenth. “Havlisak” of Sweden won that one for a total of $12,425.

Also among the winners in the Bounty Builder Bonanza were “marllonpinto” of Brazil, who took down the $215 event for a total of $22,793, and “onofras*777” of Russia, who doubled their first place prize with knockouts in the $109 event for a total of $35,875. And in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder Bonanza HR, “NOEXITNO” of Russia came first for a total of $51,946.

In the usual Sunday majors, “NevilleWeeee” of Brazil won the $109 Sunday Cooldown for a total of $22,532, and “Gratitdude” of Estonia won the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $13,162.


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